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  1. Here’s the article to anyone who’s interested. https://www.google.com/amp/s/news.yahoo.com/amphtml/crypto-exchange-binance-money-laundering-140037194.html?espv=1 i’ve had issues with Binance just a couple of weeks ago i transferred some BNB onto an external wallet. But the transfer was moved to BNB Token Hub. And that the only way to retrieve the amount transferred was for me to pay 0.001 BTC as fee. They must think i’m an idiot. It did end well for me, as they waived the fee after i asked the support to show me where in the terms and conditions i can find such rule. It felt so fu*ck
  2. Bronze, member since 2019 but stayed off for about 3 yrs went back March 2021 and took me 3 days to reach VIP Bronze. 😀
  3. It’s been months literally since the last time i saw and played this game here at Stake. Of all the games why this? Bec i really could name the GOAT of the worst game i ever played. Hahah Alibaba’s riches - TO ME THIS IS THE WORST!!! How about you guys?
  4. Hi @FilipN i noticed you gave my Plinko giveaway entry a sad emoji, which could mean that i won’t be receiving any share of the prize of the giveaway eventhough all the requirements you mentioned are met. I was thinking that maybe it’S bec of the required minimum bet that disqualified the entry. However, if im allowed to argue my point. I’m sure we all are aware of crypto currencies volatility in the market, and i’m sure as well that such factor was taken into consideration when the minimum as a requirement was decided upon by the giveaway host, i am sure that at the time arou
  5. I haven’t received any Rain, but i think the idea was great.
  6. ELK have the Best graphics though in my opinion.
  7. I understand this sentiment being one of those in the majority as you mentioned. However, you could come to a casino anywhere in the world, you won’t find anybody that will give you some returns on your losses if you aren’t a high roller. The idea to give all these things only to high rollers has been around for decades. It’s the reality and we all just have to accept the fact that we aren’t like them. So yeah! Stick with maybe one day you’ll hit it, then get your name on the top of list on these races.
  8. I ask this bec apparently someone from Instagram who magically appeared on my DM’s last week is telling me, that i am eligible to a 7$ referral bonus. However, 2 days after that i was told by the same person that i was referred by someone else, which could mean 2 things, either the person who referred me at the time this specific bonus doesn’t exist yet or someone in IG is doing something devious. I didn’t post this a day or two days after the incident as i don’t see it’s significance, only now i realized i probably could make 7$. Hahahaha.
  9. How to see where i ranked. The profile is only showing the march races.
  10. 300% bonus on 40x wager i feel is too high on a 5k deposit. But that’s how you roll so.. Stake in a No Wager Casino, but maybe there will be something for you. Goodluck man!
  11. Is there a way to easily sort out games that can be played using JPY currency? If not, can anybody suggest games that are available to yen? Thanks!
  12. Your best bet is to pray to all the Gods that exist that you hit big win everytime. Heheh. Jokes aside, always go with high multipliers on slots. And then leave after hitting a huge win, and then find another and then go back to the first slot you won big.
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