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  1. This for me? I’d be happy to give you my reload bonus of 0.06 cents every 10 minutes. If you so agree that this specific bonus makes sense. 😂
  2. The 2nd issue you brought up is 100% true. Supports won’t even bulge to deny any request of either spins or chips. And worst of all, just a few hours ago i asked for help on retrieving the bet id for a bet that was placed a slot and won 500x so i could attach the bet id to join the “ Return of the King “ promotion here in the forum. I was told to be patient bec the archive is not ready for abother 24 hours, and so i said, that the promo only has 18 hours left which means that the 24 hours waiting is useless does no bearing. The support then replied “ sorry “. i thought to myself. This is just BS!!!!
  3. Game : Hammerfall ( 200k clicks ) played the game like no other slots exist. to those who wish to try : 1. Always notice both sides of the game but more significantly on the right side Frame. As you play along, you will notice a pattern. As soon as you get the hang predicting how your round will turn out, you can cancel a losing draw and most likely hit a huge/super win if your lucky by holding on the spin button to start turbo spin mode. If your lucky, it will drop around 8-10 purple heads ( never forgive, never forget ) feature. Running up the wilds minimum of atleast 2 wilds with x3, x2 plus 8 cells of the purple head. This is isn’t counting the SUPER CHARGED hammer feature where you still have another chance to win more. On a 0.60 eu bet / win was Eu 580.00 Goodluck!!!!!!
  4. The only way i see this happening is for both fighters agreeing on a catch weight. well, if it does happen? Who you got guys? Adesanya i feel is the better striker but not much, McGreggor has better power. i’d put my money on Adesanya, His strikes and footwork are just beautiful to watch. 😂
  5. Hi Guys, I’m sure those who receive the 10 minute reload bonus feel the same way. seriously, it’s called reload bonus, yeah? Why make it inefficient to players? It’s time consuming and annoying too. just give us 1 reload bonus, say equivalent to two days total from the 3 days bonus. That way, there’s a chance to look forward to such a bonus. Or better yet just forget about giving it out, if the purpose for it is so that player’s that bet small would think, maybe if we wager 2x more of what we currently can spend then a chance of a better relaod bonus may come. That’s ridiculous!!! Anyway. Just my opinion. Grrrrrr 😂😂😂
  6. This is so true! You go idle a few weeks. SURPRISE!!!!! It was months i think i didn’t play. All of a sudden my vault had 56$. Hahaha. I played 4-5 days straight. 2.44 weekly bonus i got. Lol
  7. What specific ERC-20 token you used to deposit? And, have you made a successful deposit using the same token prior to this issue you’re having now? let’s assume it is a different kind of token as you won’t be having this problem if a successful deosit was made in the past and got credited. Now, you do understand that not all ETH wallets accept ERC-20 tokens, yeah? Bec, in my experience if such wallet don’t accept erc20 tokens, the amount you deposited goes straight to ETH token hub, you can still recover those tokens for a fee. You should speak to one of ETHERSCAN’s support on how to recover the tokens. GOODLUCK!!
  8. Yeah, i feel bad for Bottas really. And i feel Hamilton is a bit overrated. If had been on Russel’s car couple years ago, and completely undermine Max’s performance is just ridiculous. Hehe. Still, i put my money on Bottas though.
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