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  1. Jeraiyah Best of luck everyone 🍀😘💚
  2. Jeraiyah Best of luck everyone 🍀🍀🍀💚❣️🥰
  3. Jeraiyah Best of luck guys❣️🍀🍀🍀love y'all 💗
  4. Stake is my buddy🥰or should i say stake is life💚 without stake my life is incomplete 💔i think im addicted in stake already i really love stake ❣️since stake come my life was change a lot 🥰 thanks stake🥰and advance happy birthday stake🎂
  5. Jeraiyah 🍀🍀🍀 GREEN 💚💚💚
  6. i miss you too sissy🥰❣️i hope everything will be fine soon🥺i really miss you all🥺😭
  7. My favorite color is red♥️♥️♥️😍
  8. i only have 6 tickets 💓🥰💚🍀 good luck everyone 🍀
  9. Be who you are🥰and say what you feel❣️ it's not being rude😌but it's being real🥰 because we are born to be real not to be perfect 💗
  10. i love mc donalds😍 i love eating their baked pineapple pie 🥧 Fries 🍟 and milk tea mc float😋yum yum yum 😋
  11. Before i go to sleep first i pray🙏i thank all to God the blessings that he was given to me😊and aside from that if im still awake,lying in my bed ,i was thinking that i hope i will win in the weekly giveaway 😂and that night of my overthinking i was asleep and i was dream that i won🤣i felt very much happy in my dream🤣and im crying because of tears of joy 😹 i wet because of my tears🤣?haha i was surprised when i woke up because my pajama was wet also🤣🤣and when i touch?omg i peeing 🤣hahah,so weird and ashamed guys🤦🙈 but that was true🤣so dont over happy in your dreams to avoid peeing 🤣🤣 hahaha 😂
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