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  1. Stake Name: baarttv Lucky Colors: Indigo its my in real life birthday 🎉 28 yo now im an old man
  2. nickname: baarttv Lucky Colors 🍀 : Violet
  3. hi , welcome back on twitch eddie nickname: baarttv Colors: Smaragdine <3
  4. Don't play , then don't loss , then you win
  5. Hello , Lets me introduce myself What is your Stake username? My username is baarttv and im 27 years old How much time on average do you spend on Stake every day? from 7am to 10pm approximatly i have physical disease , than i stay in front of my computer most of time, walking is pain for me then i could be present lots of time Can you briefly explain what the job of a moderator is? this is to ensure that the rules are respected, and the player do not get disturb in their session, but also serves as the first bulwark of information so that the players do not flood the support with primary questions, and the moderator must be impartial. if I had to summarize in 3 words the work of a modo is, inform, help, and respect And have to use Ban hammer if some player abuse or break the rule Why do you want to become a moderator on this chat? i love japan , its a beautiful country. Japanese have high level of respect in their Lifestyle, and i appréciâtes that. it's a banality but I watch anime since im yound in VO (Voice Original), and maybe, one day, i want to travel in japan. so it would have been a good experience to get closer to the japanese gambler community, maybe for learn more , and discover a new place to travel. and maybe start to learn more how to speak japanese. & also i spend lots of time on stake , and if i can help somehow i would like to try Have you ever been warned, muted, or banned? For real i don't remember , i think i got muted one time for 10 minutes, i had ask to my room modérator if i got ban , they tell me , "no or we don't have all the history" so , i don't know , for me i got one 10 min ban =/ not sure , but you can check that for me , im pretty sure. Have you ever been a moderator on any other platform? Yes , i was modérator on Twitch.tv on high viewers twitch channel (<500) it was a good and funny experrience. also modérator on discord community gaming. _____________________________________________ now lets talk about my japanese level , i don't really speak japanese , but google translate is a friends (a good friends) i learn some japanese before travel in their country , but its basical word or sentence. I agree to be moderator while waiting for a moderator who speaks totally Japanese with pleasure. then Thanks for reading , sorry for writing mistake , have a nice day.
  6. Hello , Good luck for your stream name: baarttv colors: #FreeEddie
  7. yup i participate everyday most of time (except if i have a target on my seed then i didn't play it) my biggest win i thinks its 40$ a saturdday after eddie stream (prize and winner are increased for the saturday) already win 9 or 10 times , i really like hunt for free
  8. Name:baarttv colors: Yellow happy 4thBirthday stake
  9. not sure , im still in positive on it
  10. the Stake slot the best one
  11. I was thinking about x50 000 , or Stake owner
  12. Hellow fellow gambler's Today some-one (Bitcouille) make me thinks about a stake slots Literally stake slots. Im doing this for fun and you'll see my CS6 skill is really bad (photoshop) I imagine some thing like that , lets me explain how its works wild is wild... Shat ap & drop code: its a feature générating one time bonus code (random prize for the user) plinko : feature plinko with one ball , from x0 to x130 (its a slot the x1000 will be not fait) Crash: feature crash with random prize , the user have to cashout at the good timing x1.00 to x250 Rain: random prémium symbols (no time to make all symbols) diamond V , is the best Symbols rain is the most bad prémium Eddie(3) is Scatter: 3 scatter and you became stake owner.. just joking you need 3 eddie scatter + 2 nenad scatter and you own stake (joking again) 3 scatter will trigger 10 WeeklySpin , with expending garry (add random multi) on reel 2 - 3 - 4 Nenad(2) is scatter: 2 Scatter will trigger 5 BonusSpin ; with locked exprended Garry on reel 2- 3 -4 now eddie + nenad scatter will trigger MegaMonthslySpin: 20 spin with locked Garry with multi on all reel as well at the end of all dead bonus or good bonus you can Gamble your win after a the bonus a pop up ask "Do you want Challenge" ? "Challenge or take" i got no idea for challenge feature RTP : 77,7% Max win: 50000x or Stake owner possibility well i wanna share this x) maybe give some idea.. I love troll , with fun sorry for using Edward head in the picture but this emoji is the pefect scatter face Tell me your idea for improve this slots x) Have a nice day.. play safe , and Good luck stake name: baarttv
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