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  1. i think same as the rain 3k wagger is good.... But i don't wanna bots win then.. 15k wagger will be perfect
  2. hi everyone have a wonderfull day ❤️ spread the love name:baarttv luckycolors: Green
  3. Hey dear nenad. i would like to apply mod for french room. What is your Stake username? baarttv How much time on average do you spend on French chat every day? 8/15 hour per day (except if im chat mute ahah) , i already send a mail to stake for apply mod long time ago , i can be on the chat the night too Can you briefly explain what the job of a moderator is? The moderator is responsible for monitoring the content of messages that can be exchanged between Internet users or left in comments on a forum or on a website. He may need to delete messages that do not comply with the site's charter. he is also the first bullwark before people ask to support for answer some question. Why do you want to become a moderator on this chat? im french first things and also i have physical desease then i stay in front my computer all day long (playing stake (most of time) or reading some post on forum. and. when you are in french room you have to write without mistake for good présentation about the stake team. I will not say some name , but some time mods write like a 5 yo kids (with lots of mistake in sentence) I know lots of french chatters and i knew the rules, i move some time on Challenge room and sport room.. and its important to help other mods if we see some abuse in other room too (but i think we can comunicate between mod outside of stake) and i want to change the mods mind cause i want the chat more free than before.. like i know some french player are scarry about talking in chat for no reason.. i think the chat is a fun place (if rules are respected) of course i will assure a respectfull communication of each other. and i really like intertain the community for make some game also (like roll hunt , or trivia) my experrience as 28 years old of my life allows me to be very diplomatic with my correspondents. Have you ever been warned, muted, or banned? yes 2 time recently (in 2 /3 years of stake) , because someone post picture of one of our room mods and i just say "oh its our mod" then i take 2 month mute for "personnal information" and the 2snd one when famous stream come into our chat hm... eer to many monkeys , then i became a monkeys too (( i pref mute some abuse and i had "beg" for follow the train of begger spaming the chat ahah)) Have you ever been a moderator on any other platform? yes on twitch on some famous streaming (250-500 average viewers) 2 / 3 years ago. also mod from 2 discord community , one is mine (150 member) and the other is for some french stake player (50-60 member) . just wanna be mods for help stakes , I remain at your disposal , feel free to contact me trough support chat , thanks for reading (i can translette all of this in french if needed/je peux traduire le tout en FR pour les moin bilingue) Bonne journée
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  5. Hey i would like to be moderator on Dlive i can be there every saturday , Ready to Ban and mutes These monke... eeer.. clien... eer nicefull player.. I already get a lot xp i was twitch modérator , then i have lots of xp fluent english , and impatial. im only asking for 50$ bonus on my weekly every saturday (buiseness is buiseness)
  6. Baarttv lucky colors: Orange 🧡🍊🟧🟠🦧 Make me lucky today
  7. Username: Baarttv Lucky Colors: red Good luck gamblers !
  8. Hey Nickname: baarttv color: Blue Have a nice stream
  9. bet is not update in real time , under all original game , i had to check my bet in --> transaction > bet ,, one day on 2
  10. Stake Name: baarttv Lucky Colors: Indigo its my in real life birthday 🎉 28 yo now im an old man
  11. nickname: baarttv Lucky Colors 🍀 : Violet
  12. hi , welcome back on twitch eddie nickname: baarttv Colors: Smaragdine <3
  13. Don't play , then don't loss , then you win
  14. Hello , Lets me introduce myself What is your Stake username? My username is baarttv and im 27 years old How much time on average do you spend on Stake every day? from 7am to 10pm approximatly i have physical disease , than i stay in front of my computer most of time, walking is pain for me then i could be present lots of time Can you briefly explain what the job of a moderator is? this is to ensure that the rules are respected, and the player do not get disturb in their session, but also serves as the first bulwark of information so that the players do not flood the support with primary questions, and the moderator must be impartial. if I had to summarize in 3 words the work of a modo is, inform, help, and respect And have to use Ban hammer if some player abuse or break the rule Why do you want to become a moderator on this chat? i love japan , its a beautiful country. Japanese have high level of respect in their Lifestyle, and i appréciâtes that. it's a banality but I watch anime since im yound in VO (Voice Original), and maybe, one day, i want to travel in japan. so it would have been a good experience to get closer to the japanese gambler community, maybe for learn more , and discover a new place to travel. and maybe start to learn more how to speak japanese. & also i spend lots of time on stake , and if i can help somehow i would like to try Have you ever been warned, muted, or banned? For real i don't remember , i think i got muted one time for 10 minutes, i had ask to my room modérator if i got ban , they tell me , "no or we don't have all the history" so , i don't know , for me i got one 10 min ban =/ not sure , but you can check that for me , im pretty sure. Have you ever been a moderator on any other platform? Yes , i was modérator on Twitch.tv on high viewers twitch channel (<500) it was a good and funny experrience. also modérator on discord community gaming. _____________________________________________ now lets talk about my japanese level , i don't really speak japanese , but google translate is a friends (a good friends) i learn some japanese before travel in their country , but its basical word or sentence. I agree to be moderator while waiting for a moderator who speaks totally Japanese with pleasure. then Thanks for reading , sorry for writing mistake , have a nice day.
  15. Hello , Good luck for your stream name: baarttv colors: #FreeEddie
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