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  1. I know you've been very busy, just want to say thank you! And keepsafe always..
  2. Not really "quitting" but a bit controlled I think dear @Zamia2001πŸ€— it's entertaining and if luck is on our side, plus factor.
  3. One of the famous phrase β€œIt’s hard to walk away from a winning streak, even harder to leave the table when you’re on a losing one.” – Cara Bertoia This is why I'm taking my precious time on leveling up,not really keen on reaching the higher badge atm, I'm just enjoying my time on chat. More power to you sweet @Zamia2001 ❀️
  4. Happy birthday Stake, may you stay longer to be able to entertain us in a good and challenging ways.
  5. 5 πŸ˜‚ You've been so good to us stake, Happy Birthday
  6. Yellow Sultana075 Happy Birthday Stake
  7. Sultana075 Happy birthday Stake
  8. Just a guess of my fave color "Turquoise" πŸ€—
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