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  1. Hello Ms. @ubbey04I was and still able to buy my medicines coz my medicines cost a lot 😊 and a cellphone.thanks for this small corner, I am able to chat peacefully 😂
  2. "Always find opportunities to make someone smile, and to offer random acts of kindness in everyday life." As an ILD patient whose been given a 5 yrs.max life expectancy ,you will appreciate life even more everyday,life is beautiful and short and needs to be celebrated all the time,,💕😍 be strong and courageous,this our shield to every battle. Thanks as always my dear @Zamia2001💕
  3. Hahaha! dear that is really a wish that can be fulfilled in dreams 🤗😍
  4. Sultana075 Wish us all the best of luck
  5. My special Pork/Beef in Tamarind soup:(old style) 1)Cut the meat (1kg.)in desired shape and wash, set aside. 2)wash rice and "keep the 2nd wash water" of the raw rice set aside. Cook the rice in a usual procedure. 3)Put the meat in a pressure cooker together with the pressed tomato (6pcs.)sliced onion and simmer until the tomato oil comes out (stir occasionally) put a spoon of fish sauce and stir. 4)when the tomato oil comes out from the meat(approximately 25 min.) pour the rice water in 5-6 cups) close the lid and boiled it for 20 min. (keep in mind to cool down the pr
  6. You /us are still looking for a chance to win more (greed) 🤗 coz it's so inconvenient to depo and wait for the confirmation if we cashed out soon.
  7. Hahaha, my dear,it happens to all gamblers,even small players like us😂 just make sure to save some change for wagering 😜
  8. I understand what you're going through, but you need to accept the harsh reality so that you can move-on, you will never learn if you didn't experience this, so turn this negative situation into positive🤗, start again and be true, be strong and believe in yourself! hope this can help😊
  9. Sultana075


    My own definition of "Tamara" so far = Witty, fierce, strong minded " " Sweet" 🤗
  10. I started only early this year, and honestly speaking stake has changed a lot on my everyday routine, as an ILD patient whose bedbound in oxygen 24/7, stake has been a huge help to help me get up with an energy everyday since.stake is my outlet and at least can interact with online friends, my hubby is happy to see me smiling every day whenever I chat with stake Friendz,I play and depo a little just for fun only and I am more on entertainment I guess. If stake people noticed most of my positivity it's all because I appreciate life now more than anyone else in this world🤗 so yeah I talked a lot
  11. I have a weird addiction, some can relate and some will wonder, it's a bad habit but can't stop doing it 😂 I can't live in a day without eating "raw" rice.
  12. My stake motto: If you want a piece of ham don't spam and If you want steak play at stake😂 Kidding aside my lifetime motto is an old phrase " Time is Gold" so whatever you can do today, don't wait for tomorrow"😊
  13. I would love to meet Syztmz, I love his gamble ways and how he handles his subscribers 😂
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