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  1. You sound as if you think you know something little girl. Here's data just from tonight. I have loads more. Like 38 losing baccarat hands in a row betting on banker. That's the best bet in the casino bar none, it's practically 50/50 chance of getting it. Player hit 38 consecutive wins. Never in life has anyone seen that before. Except on state when you're betting $43 hands. Why can I post the last jpeg but any jpeg of my data , using same device mind you, gets an error code. those bets are all in a row just tonight. so yeah , i sound mad, i dont like to be cheated. and you had something to say about it. lets see if you have anything intelligent to say in regards to the data from just tonight which is definitely not the data ive chosen to share with people who actually understand odds , but just a quick response to you. the data im sharing elsewhere is much more conclusive. if anyone sees it and still believes stakes not a fixed game with odds changing according to bet size, well , nobody will openly admit that belief openly I dont think. it would maked much more sense for them to admit that they prefer to hold onto the notion that stake is what it claims then to face reality. so many dare not challenge the narrative of the majority. thats why people are so easily manipulated. they tend to act like sheep. "defiance is the best for of patriotism" .
  2. Wow, I'm rooting for you to get your money. Please fill us in on any progress
  3. teal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Yes You should most definitely get on meth to keep up with your 10 minute reloads so you can gamble more so you can win money so you can buy more meth so you can reload more so you can bet more so you can win more money so you can buy more meth so you can.. ad infinitum... Btw , meth is by far the cheapest drug I've ever done ,cheaper then beer, cheaper then cigarettes, cheaper then my coffee habit. Way cheaper then my coffee habit actually.
  5. I'll tell you without a sliver of doubt ALL stake originals are rigged so severely I wonder how it is that on twitch Eddie and crew come across as genuinely cool people. I've gambled enough and at enough venues to know when a game is fixed. Huge difference between bad luck and obviously manipulation of bets. Here's all you have to do to know I'm right, you ready???? Pick limbo for instance, have a good long session of betting small, say .25 - 1 dollar , go for some big multipliers, then have another long session betting $20 and up, do the same as the first session. Not one person on all of stake can tell me the sessions aren't 100% different . It's fucking near an impossibility to hit a decent multiplier with big bets. Period. I was so angry to learn that stake , whom I thought had some goddamned decency, will take your very hard earned money knowing that you can't win when you decide to gamble big. I've done this so many times. On every stake original same outcome. The numbers don't lie. "Better luck next time!" Is infuriating when they absolutely know there isn't any luck involved. Anyone out there who says provably Fair is either on the stake bankroll or has their head buried in the sand. Over a certain $amount and you probably not going to hit a big multiplier. Someone prove me otherwise or what you say is mute. I must say I should have known that money corrupts absolutely. So all the things you may read about stake being transparent and fair ,in the end, no matter how you slice it, just bold faced lies. A true gambler understands "bad luck" and accepts it for what it is. What a true gambler can't accept is a rigged game. I'm sure you boys at stake are laughing all the way to the bank. But please don't feel proud, any thief can come out ahead.
  6. Had anyone figured out how many times 45 billion bets would take in analoug?
  7. whatever it was it all went right back to the house
  8. i dont know but I won $1134 on a $3 bet on crazy time
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