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  1. Epl-watford vs liverpool. Liverpool up front will be too much for Watford. I would think that Watford might get on scoresheet, but my bet will be Liverpool to win and Salah to score @2.25 my user- fossyfan
  2. Absolutely fantastic, i missed due to one stupid team , but those draws man.congrats rank 1 is your nos
  3. Soccer-epl mancity to win and over 1.5 against leicester. almost all other teams will struggle with international break and uefa but city with a huge squad, and a point to prove against a opponent the lost the community shield makes sense when 3 point and epl title is at stake.
  4. Stake User- fossyfan Fpl team name- Fossy11
  5. Fossyfan MINES: 51,263,730,713 placed by fossyfan on 27/07/2021 Wagered 0.81651000 Multiplier 9.174726x Profit 6.67474493
  6. I have experienced certain times what I think could not be like on games likes mines and hilo , most days I easily make 3,4 correct and some day whatever I pick is always wrong on the first attempt as if that seed is changing answers after I pick that's what I felt , however I try the same thing another day new seed and than the avg returns to normal bomb after 3,4 on certain settings so yes felt it was rigged and than again won so what I would say is don't play if you feel that way if not be like me start if you get that feeling leave the game try another day maybe it's all luck maybe something wrong can never know for sure. And I mostly bet on sports so doesn't matter much to me anyways.
  7. sport:10869760 User - fossyfan
  8. 1Usd tether and 2 in stake coin exchange at best rates plus 3 better vault features. Stake pls bring them to make it the best ever site who listens to its customers. Fossyfan
  9. User - fossyfan Highest so far-11 cards opened HILO: 46,494,290,074 placed by fossyfan on 08/06/2021 Wagered 14.17000000 Multiplier 24.183516x Profit 328.51041759 HILO: 46,492,780,773 placed by fossyfan on 08/06/2021 Wagered 14.16000000 Multiplier 2.742505x Profit 24.67387241 HILO: 46,493,229,400 placed by fossyfan on 08/06/2021 Wagered 14.19000000 Multiplier 7.102851x Profit 86.59945239
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