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  1. I think the price could easily reach $0.02 by the end of the year considering the price at one time was $0.017 I think it could even go to $0.03 or $0.04 but thats just my opinion
  2. Xais

    ri1ey's memo board

    Damn thats crazy some of these wins are mental!
  3. I give to beggars because I understand there pain but only sometimes as long as they don't spam me
  4. Xais


    Just wondering if anyone knows when Wheel will be released? Not an exact date just an estimated release.
  5. Ok, sometimes when I am playing chartbet it crashes just before I click and I click and it puts me into the next game which I don't want to be in. Is it possible that a feature could be implemented so that whenever you go into a new Chartbet game There is a timer or something? Or a warning that pops up asking if you want to go in or not.
  6. Xais

    Dark souls 3

    you stick a sword through its ear
  7. Xais

    You are banned!

    stswarlord is banned for banning MrBoss who banned djafar who banned stswarlord who banned hamur who banned stswarlord for not following the game rules, stswarlord banned Unknown and unknown banned MrBoss.