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  3. As time progresses so will Stake. There would be improvements and updates (or program patches) made to the present version of Stake. As a suggestion for consideration by Stake and its management team, a beta team could be set up and at the same time several beta leaders could be appointed from its community of players or forum enthusiasts. The role of the beta team would be to report on the bugs or improvements which they would like on the latest beta version of Stake whilst the Beta Leaders' responsibility would be to verify and check if the bugs are repeatable or if they can be reproduced and then compiling the information for Stake. Upon verifying the bugs or improvements Stake staff can thereafter bring it up to the developers of the site in order for improvements to be made or bugs to be eradicated. This would streamline the process of bug reporting as well as future improvements to be made on Stake's website. This is merely a suggestion which could be adopted by Stake. Food for thought.
  4. @ggmu Really sad to read your story. I do hope you get a speedy recovery and there on after all greens for your bro. Good Luck !!! @tristay01 Lets collect our weekly boost and head towards the 70k mark again. Good Luck !!!
  5. @Akali Wasn't aware that you were into tattoo's and surely I was not suspecting that you were exited to see thresh in colour. I look forward to seeing your tattoos soon. (Off topic slightly : - I sent you some a couple of days back and tried to ping you in chat but I probably could have missed you as the chat was stuck a couple of times). Anyways see you around and Good Luck Akali !!!.
  6. @Mina Hi. I just came across this thread and while reading it an idea came to my mind which I would like to ask for my understanding and knowledge regarding this topic. You did mention in the above post that there isn't any solution to Menang's predicament in which he is currently in (I am not dwelling about the past and I respect your decision on the matter). Just merely a suggestion from me (in which I could be wrong), would it help if @Menang self excluded himself permanently from the accounts and not reopen them thus allowing him the chance and pleasure to participate in the future promotions. In my humble opinion (IMHO), we should not allow our past mistakes to continuously damage our future.
  7. Congratulations to all the winners !!!
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