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  1. Been playing on my phone a lot more recently. I try to do it on pc but seeing the spins on a big screen messes with my eyes too much
  2. I wish more people would talk and be open about this. It gets easier and more manageable when you get help. Just awareness of the issue is the first step, hope you're still doing well and same to everyone else who sees this!
  3. I used to be an absolute weeb and watched anime all the time, now it's rare for me to sit down and watch anything at all. Plus I got bored of shounen and had to get into now seinin stuff.
  4. Gang signs by Freddie Gibbs and SbQ absolute banger
  5. My biggest plan is to go meet up with my friends. We had huge plans last year involving traveling, but we had to cancel everything. This includes going to three weddings which I'm really excited about.
  6. Good God how do you even manage that kind of win?
  7. For me I either go balls to the walls on a high volatility game or do smaller bets on a medium volatility game. Either win big or die trying
  8. I wagered like 5 percent in an hour doing plinko on max doing 1/100 my deposit. Never done it faster before.
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