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  1. Dhavy Fawn Why did chat type support during the client seed? Do they just type everything and hope for money? And thanks Mikey for the color this week!
  2. Dhavy Blue Someone pray for Eddie's PC
  3. Dhavy Orange Early this time!
  4. Dhavy Edit: Blue I'd give a color but Eddie dragging his feet this week 🥺
  5. Dhavy Indigo - thank you Mikey! Pray this new site works out
  6. Dhavy Violet Posting early for the first time before the server curse strikes! Thank you for the easy color ,😭
  7. Dhavy smaragdine Shout out to John for the fat drop today! 😂
  8. Dhavy It's my birthday today! Please make it special! 🥳
  9. Dhavy Yellow finally got to post! 😭
  10. Dhavy Green Thanks for keeping it simple, Mikey, lol
  11. Dhavy Magenta Let's see if we can do 2 weeks in a row!
  12. Dhavy Red Hope I win today!
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