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  1. No no, I only have 1 account here. I mean ALT coins, little guys like ADA
  2. This is something I have been looking at trying along that line: Starting with $1000 and doing 1% per day. But, instead of 1% per day as a daily requirement you create a spreadsheet from day 1-365. On each day you enter what you need to have made on THAT day to be inline with 1% per day. Maybe you made 5% on day one and that would cover like day 1-3. Also, setting a limit for the lower side something like 2-5% loss and you stop with that bank roll for the day. The advantage is that the earnings stays in the pool and you aren't tempted to pull that 4% over your daily target as profit and i
  3. Speaking of this - I probably spun a good 2k base games over the last 2 days and got about 4 or 5 features. Of those only 1 paid more than the cost to by that feature tier and only because a 50x dropped on the ONLY hit from the 10 free spins which was something like 10 bananas and 8 watermelons or something. On top of that I probably bought 10-15 features which at one point I had 6 complete duds in a row, literally - absolutely no payout at all. I know things are random and red luck can happen, but... at some point you have to call a slot trash and only good for those that have bank roll to
  4. RealToothless special word is Olive
  5. Katmandu Gold - if you can afford 10$ spins you can get some good returns. I've had 2 and 3 k wins just from spins - bonus buy sucks.
  6. Depends on the slot. Like Katmandu Gold - I find you get better wins on spins. Other slots it takes forever to get a bonus and the spins are crappy so might as well just buy and pray - sweet bonanza lol.
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