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  1. damn I missed that... but I got some codes today at least And maybe we will get Robina to do the backflips at some point haha
  2. Warframe, Apex Legends and whatever Roguelike game I can find and sink hundreds of hours into
  3. Shiro94


    As far as I understand it you need to have 10 post on here to be able to reply in the promotions area, cheers.
  4. Shiro94

    The magic seed

    will try it out, thanks for sharing
  5. Shiro94

    Keno patterns

    interesting patterns in here, will try them all out and see where it gets me
  6. Seems to eff me a lot so I stay away from it.
  7. Shiro94

    Limbo 1,000,000 X

    Man I wish I'll hit that at some point..
  8. Mines and Limbo for me. Mines is the easiest to get money quickly if you know what you are doing, Limbo is risky as hell but I like the potential of a high multiplier with just a few tries on that one
  9. I like doge but for long term investments btc is my go to.
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