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  1. user- bitcoinmarko Leicester2-1 Newcastle Leeds 1-2 Tottenham Sheffield Utd 1-2 Crystal Palace Man City 2-2 Chelsea Liverpool 2-1 Southampton Wolves 1-2 Brighton Aston Villa- 2-1Man Utd West Ham-2-2Everton Arsenal-2-1WBA Fulham-1-1Burnley tie-42 min
  2. sport:9359612 user- bitcoinmarko 10 fold-1.16$ above 1.10 odds.
  3. you didt mention start bet amount.
  4. user- bitcoinmarko Game week 34: Southampton2- 2Leicester Crystal Palace 1-3Man City Brighton 1-1Leeds Chelsea 2- 1Fulham Everton2-2Aston Villa Newcastle 2-1 Arsenal Man Utd 1-2 Liverpool Tottenham 4-1 sheffield Utd West Brom3 -1Wolves Burnley 2- 1West Ham Tiebreaker: 41min Newcastle-Arsenal
  5. thx joined , team name- btcmarko11- user bitcoinmarko
  6. hot cup of coffee, slice of pizza and chill. so comfortable with myself,some food and netflix :)
  7. heard good things about stake
  8. @Dusan- can i still register? late to party.
  9. hi @Dusan sorry new user here, 1.10 odd event will be accepted? right nothing below that? total selections 10 minumum? right,i have to post here winning bet?
  10. its the best right now for value if u take all promotions the best 1. i have played on all crypto and fiat sportsbooks and casinos.
  11. agreed 100% but valut should have a lockin feature ,means cant touch funds till next weekend of something,or else i can just take it pout you know, whe u r an addict vault is no good.
  12. bro,plz learn the story of top blackjack players casinos are scared of and banned them, ben affleck one of them, reason regualr joes come with100-500 bucks losein 70-80 hands at best and go home. these guys can challenge casino on a long run making the odds 50-50 since in log run the head tail theory works, short run u might get more tails than head, poinht being these youtubers get 100,000 so in slots etc they have much more chaces of hitting that massive jackpot than average joe, nothing to do with stake, its the same allover go try at lasvegas u will find it true. so if ur
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