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  2. I tried to post in Eddie's stream for you but didnt get a reply. Sorry bro
  3. Supermanzzz Magenta I ❀️ Steve
  4. I have experienced the same thing with crash and my bets not showing up. Obviously I was not betting betting the amount you were but it still hurt. I also missed bonus drop for sports bets because requirement was not fulfilled but that wasnt true. I tried to find the old bets but couldn't and live support couldn't help. I love stake but it still sucks because crash has ripped my balance a number of times. I feel some of my bets disappeared after one of the maintenance downtimes. I hope eddie has a chat with you about it. Best of luck
  5. @DragonL80DragonL80i was on stream when eddie said it should be fine. I'll try to mention it on his stream tom. Hopefully you get your money
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  7. Ya have got those on discord too
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