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  1. I assure you crypto casinos with such conditions exist but on-line is 200-300 people... Feel the difference? It's much more complicated than you might imagine. I do not think that all decisions on the implementation of any ideas for the development and attraction of players are made such as H-mmm well shouldn't we make a 5% deposit bonus for UK launch? Much more serious https://stake.com/watford, because this is a business. I am talking about worlds two biggest online sportsbook that one of them has a name on Italy's Serie A (whole league's international brand name) itself. You saying me 200-300 people.... Congratulations man on your business, there is no point to discuss further with you.
  2. Ok. You are the owner the crypto casino. I am the gambler. I have done 1million$ deposit. And "reward pool will be active" i.e. 1050000$. Right away I "requested withdraw an amount from his account" On the next day even same day, your casino ceases to exist I clearly explained that your deposit needs to be fully wagered + you have deadline to claim your reward after your deposit. And any of your withdrawal activity during the term, deactivating your eligibility to achieve your additional reward. If you deposit $1million, you need to wager it fully in a limited time period to achieve additional %5 in this scenario, which is massively risky thing for you to do. Biggest two online sportsbook in the market has this program, they are not bankrupting opposing to that they are leading the market and profiting, as if you like to claim your reward, they are pushing you to wager all your deposit at least one time in a limited time without withdrawing anything, and pushing the psychology of the customer by showing "look you have 5% more, don't worry to go all in". Typically, above explained point system is ideal retention program for over 25-30 aged, working regularly during weekdays that has only time to gamble during the weekend. This type of consumers has no patience to wager with tiny amounts, tends to go all-in as their free time is limited. I will not surprise if Stake offer above point plan for their new UK launch, as one of the sportsbook that I mentioned above is leading UK site.
  3. ❌ What I'm talking about is neither charity nor donation. Point/pool system that all the consumer-oriented industries has from Amazon, Sephora to Starbucks whatever industry you can call, to create retention for its customers. And as Stake on all its platforms claiming that they have the greatest retention and awarding programs in the market, I'm sure is always open to hear from its customers always. And possibly, you heard about an english idiom of "being more catholic than the pope himself ". I have two options for your take from what I wrote: a) Whether you didn't read correctly what I wrote b) This idiom is exactly reflecting what you are doing by calling charity to my above business plan description. If we gonna sustain this kind of tendencies, there is no point of having a forum. We can't discuss anything meaningful like this.
  4. Actually online casinos and online sportsbooks in the market do value players by putting much weight into how much they won or lost. While you have available data already online, you can easily make automated in-depth analysis about each of your customers, instead of looking theoretical average loss. Taking theoretical average loss to the account instead of using available data, is pretty archaic also manual move and opposed to the market's glorified individualism trends. The fairest rewarding system in the market is, opening a reward pool (let's say 5% of the deposited and wagered amount of the latest deposit) as soon as a customer deposited an amount, reward pool will be active to be claim with a deadline and also until the customer requested withdraw an amount from his account. In that way: You can push your customers to not to withdraw easily You can reward your customers for depositing You can create an emotional bond with your "valuable customers" who had a losing streak, by giving back certain percentage from their totally lost deposit. As existence of that reward, will create a sense of insurance for the players, it will create a psychology on your customers to make them place more risky bets which eventually means faster loss. In that reason, I found Stake's rewarding system as pretty archaic and unfriendly towards mid-rollers who has budget to gamble but no time to play just for wagering with tiny - 0.00001 amounts for dozens of hours everyday. In a way, Stake prefers not only high-rollers but also tiny cent betters who can spend time in the casino without depositing, opposed to the people who can consistently deposit $400-500 each week but tends to stay in the casino only during the weekend or in a holiday for 3-4 hours. I don't think that wagering system of Stake is a good marketing strategy or a business plan to be friendly to extremely low-rollers who has unlimited amount of time, but apathetic towards average - adult gambling audience. My comment is not directly about Raffle which is basically lottery that I have no expectations in it, but directly to all promotions/rewarding system of Stake which I believe Pascal's fundamental point of criticism.
  5. I can feel you, but this is not something related to Stake. This phenomenon happening regularly across all sportsbooks in the world. The reason is, although we have limited amount of markets for this kind of minor league football events, odds provider has other customers that they are offering corner, goal kicks, yellow cards, what happen first minute duration etc. markets. Possibly they couldn't completed and made the result entry for a specific market during the match. It's possible that there have been disputed corner, goal kick, yellow card or an another event happened during 55-56th minute that they couldn't clarify and just delay the closure of all cases until the event completed. Interestingly, I have experienced the same recently 2-3 weeks ago and it was again Finnish League.
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