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  1. I’ve wagered over $100,000 with stake. Had a few issues here and there. Every time I would contact Stake about an issue they would just brush it off. I figured maybe it was not a big deal so I let it slide. But this time I am livid. I was playing blackjack live on pragmatic play and my game was still stuck on “place your bet”. I could not press hit or stand. Here is a screenshot for proof. (Attached.) you can clearly see how the round started and it’s my turn to pick should I hit or stand. But there is no option there! It’s frozen! I contacted support and they told me th
  2. I’m just curious. It’s probably the same server so even if you switch games on the same provider, wouldn’t they still increase/decrease your chances based on your bets and behavior? No one in support could answer this question so I’m now curious if this is an actual thing, if so. What is the point in changing games then?
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