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  1. my first buddy here in stake is missyy. love yah : O
  2. morenagem01 teal wishing i'll be lucky today.
  3. mine is still the dice and scarab, the dice have the feature to change how your going to win and lose,, hehe
  4. for me, i like them all,, weather they are good o bad or greet you or not in chatbox,, heheheh, still love them all. its not always they give special attention to other we will be mad at them but just understand that every situation our side is not always right. it's still enjoying the monent and be positive even the environment is depressing,, hehehe,
  5. hello pretty ubbey: ), i usually play autobet while chatting, taking my time in staking is like watching movie, you can feel all the emotion everyday as long as u hooked up your wholetime with stake.. hehehehe. what excite me the most is the possibility of having a new circle of friend that you can have in the future though this is a gambling site but it's up to you how you were going to take this if your'e going to be addicted gambling or on the relax side of being a gambler.
  6. for me it's still the dice with x2 target multiplier and just bet .05$ and it will make it on its way to wager ..
  7. yes, it's usdt not only it is stable but it simplify measuring with convetion in other currency because we have the basis dollar.
  8. for me it's still the dice with xrp coins x2
  9. Wow😯😯... this is a really good idea, It will bring more Stakers a accessable to deposit and withdraw.
  10. My favorite breakfast is friedrice together with fried dried fish
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