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  1. Seems like higher you go the harder/longer it is to move up to the next lol
  2. Goldddd. About Halfway to plat though 🙂 Toook too long and too much
  3. Breakfast burritos(: with eggs potatoes sausage cheese and like sour cream& salsa or somethin
  4. Scarab spin is at the top for me rn haha the new gold game is pretty good too
  5. Honestly like maybe 6 months ago.... If it was before that it wasn't very much more lol
  6. Ooh assumed you weren't supposed to use one soo that's cool 🙂
  7. I noticed that cashapp did that. They don't mention it or anything they just act like it's initiated and see ending then all of a sudden it's back in the account haha like it never happened. I've been using coinbase and so far the fees aren't toooo bad at least 🤷 but I can't find many other options
  8. I like eos. It makes for a fasttt depo haha that or ltc... Coming from Coinbase both are relatively low low fees
  9. It is allowed? Using VPN I mean....? Nord is a good one too!
  10. Hm. Pretty Interesting. Bet he's wishing he'd saved his bitcoin and made digorno instead 🤦🤯😁😅
  11. I would love a timer on the vault even something easy as only being able to withdraw once every 2 hrs or something. Maybe not quite as long as 12 or 24hrs cuz honestly, with a cool down that long I wouldn't use it
  12. 😅😒🥰would be a great idea, shouldn't be too difficult to implement either...
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