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  1. OP: There is askgamblers neutral compliance board for gambling sites, if you are sure you are not in violation of terms and and you rightful won the money (and are allowed to claim it at any point you want). Dont discuss this in public, to talk about a personal situation is not professional from both sides here I am afraid to say. / ask for close.
  2. since end may there is no gud time for me on stake. 5-6k burned without payout
  3. 1800 player here where we play ? you cant cheat in chess, engine will be detected in less then a game...
  4. JURISDICTIONS. Persons located in or reside in United States...... if he provided US residence, its actually a breach of TOS...
  5. chess im in good blitz here
  6. Yeah, but if you lets say had the short term goal to reach the Plat 2 benefits, it seems for me really rough to change it without further notice. I know houserules are house rules and players have no rights to demand the benefits stake generously is already giving out each week/month. Just saying I was really disappointed when I noticed the change today.
  7. if you do a good multi put some funds in trezor and continue, you might find them well afterwards.
  8. Valid point, I would have rushed for PLAT 2
  9. it was not my intention to start shitstorm, I would like to encourage a discussion about the topic.
  10. Dear folks, I am just Plat 1 VIP and made my way half to Plat 2, but the new rules provided by STAKE are hitting my motivation hard to further try to wager (and deposit) with STAKE. Please proof me that I am wrong, I am happy to understand the restrictions and Underlying mechanisms but I was aiming for PLAT 2 with the knowledge to get a permanent reload and a VIP Host. Thanks for your efforts in the discussion, please keep tone and stay as neutral as you can. EDIT: https://stake.com/vip-club New VIP setting is (as I understand): Permanent reload moved to PLAT 3 as well as VIP HOST moved to PLAT 3 BR
  11. Hey there, I assume all of you experiencing the issue more often that the site is laggy, games feel weird and its basically no pleasure to play games or try to hit critical bets. Is there already something going on in the background to improve the performance? Talking about EUW region, other regions might not be affected, or at least I dont know about other regions. Cheers!
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