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  1. Stake: Rippinbalances NFL: rippinbalances
  2. rippinbalances ❤️ smaragdine lmao
  3. rippinbalances yellow is the best color honestly;)
  4. Rippinbalances, hope the magenta boosts the luck. Much love to all of the stake team!<3
  5. Yes it stays on your account forever. Depends on where you are wagering and how much you are wagering for the amount you get back though
  6. dice has made me the most profit, has lost me the most too;( still fun lmao
  7. Dice has been the most profitable but BJ always sucks me in
  8. Welcome to the stake family:D
  9. Welcome brotha! Def get some information off of this forum, I made a lot of mistakes when I first started playing.
  10. You lose money but you add to your wagering for all the bonuses you get. If you just wager with profits it shouldn't affect you
  11. Alfredo is my go to, one of the main foods I'll never get old of after eating time and time again.
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