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  1. Have you ever had a lucky run on a deposit bonus and completed the wager?
  2. I have rolled at least 75k times with 7 numbers on high and still have not hit 800x but hit 400x around 50 times. Is it better to just have 8 numbers and hit 600x? How long did it take you?
  3. I always wonder if Stake will ever get my favorite blueprint games Goonies, Ted, Sausage Party, and Rick and Morty?
  4. I had a 10 win streak on speed bj from the dealer busting most hands and getting 2 bjs. I know their is people with longer streaks. What is your longest streak? And what is the probability of a 10 win streak?
  5. I've done a few hunts with getting money back or a few hundred loss. What is your best bonus hunt profit?
  6. In the month of March I had a very lucky run and hit two of my highest x wins in the same week and landed a gold and bronze trophy on The Book Beyond. 3488x Doghouse MW - 60c 7 spins 3291x Euphoria - 60c 108x 1300x The Book Beyond - $1 Five books wild line and 100 spins with K as symbol Thought it would of been a bigger outcome. I'm getting a error when I try to upload screenshots.
  7. I see that a lot of people get 1000x everyday is it a grind and worth it? Could it be the easiest 1000x to get on a game?
  8. My first time playing this game my first bonus was getting 99 books with 275 spins and got the hooded girl it only paid 10x my bet was 40c and I was down $80. What is your experience the first time playing it?
  9. What is the best game for wagering dice 1.01 or limbo 1.01? I tried limbo with $200 and wagered 23k. What is the best you've done with a few hundred?
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