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  1. if you constantly play in the casino during quarantine, then you can get hooked on it and no longer return to normal life, so it’s better to go over yourself and do other things besides playing in the casino.
  2. DIAMONDPOKER: 18,666,501,706 placed by wowa24 on 18/03/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000100 DIAMONDPOKER: 18,697,747,796 placed by wowa24 on 19/03/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.5x Profit 0.00000050
  3. Разницы нету в каком браузере сливать)) хотя многие играют на браузере Тор.
  4. it always happens when you don’t wait for a bet to play, I sometimes go into the game for fifteen or twenty bets on big multiplayer. Oh, I’ll give it, but so far I’m not lucky, although I saw many people catch big multiplayer, including 5 million X in mines, here how lucky.
  5. wowa228

    A dead game?

    I don’t understand this game at all, it’s an uninteresting game with a small number of functions, diamond poker can be attributed to the same, I don’t understand the meaning of 2x multiplayer games, it’s high time to innovate on this game, let’s set up a certain set of cards or diamond colors with a larger multiplayer. If you think about it, you can enter new game settings, because almost no one plays them.
  6. playing martingale roulette is pretty stupid, because I personally have been given one color center more than fifteen times, and in other games I have never approved this method. I believe that the best method of playing roulette is the method I have figured out as it falls out, but with an updated design it has become difficult to do, so I hope that roulette will be made more playable in terms of design and functions.
  7. wowa228

    Plinko is Grrrrr

    it’s always been a plinko in the game, starting from 2017 the game eats your money, there is a small solution, well, at least it helps me, so its essence is to change lines and seeds in the game as often as possible, then there is less chance of losing , this is purely based on my game statistics using this method.
  8. wowa228

    Only one mistake.

    This is called the law of meanness, but in general I have had it many times, especially in the dice, when you catch 9900x and then decide to return a bit of money on a 2x multiplier ... I hope this is just a coincidence, otherwise it will be completely honest with respect to the players.
  9. wowa228

    9900x becoming a myth

    catching a dice 9900x is not so difficult, if you count on a series of reds from 60,000 + reds, when mines and limbo were introduced, where the limit in multiplayer is huge, the dice seems not so scary. Dice used to be my favorite game, but now it has faded into the background.
  10. Plinko has a lot of bets and I will honestly say the game is very bad compared to other games and that’s why, firstly, all bets are made automatically without player intervention, except for changing the seed, the second aspect is a small chance to knock out large multiplayer, if you compare it with a 1000x dice, This is the game where I have a stable red stripe.
  11. Слава богу снов не было, сны о азартных играх это уже зависимость. Голова не должна быть загружена этой темой...
  12. my largest multiplayer is 5 million in mines, but the rate is less than 1 satoshi in dogs, I set the task to catch the largest multiplayer on the site and I succeeded. If we talk about a manual game, then the biggest multiplayer in hilo, about 20 thousand, a game to the kings, and then 4 kings up.
  13. if I won 7,000 thousand dollars, then most likely I would withdraw 5 thousand, and the rest of the igoal, though not a fact ... the excitement could have destroyed me and I lost this money. It happens when you don’t touch the means in your hands, you often underestimate their significance and this is bad.
  14. often you change the seed on large multiplayer ah and then the chance to lose everything will be minimal .... the question is different, for such a game requires manual mode, well, or semi-automatic, to change the seed from time to time.
  15. changing the seed makes sense, especially in the plinko game, because sooner or later you will get a big multiplayer at the beginning of the way, and if you don’t change yourself, it’s possible to get a long series of red ones, I often change the seed to big multiplayer ah, but if you consider endless game and endless means, then there is no point in changing the seed.