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  1. I play a lot of mines with 10 diamonds, I start with x400 and gradually move up to 2800x ... I advise you to start with 5 satoshi and put onloss 0.6%, when I catch I put x1000 and onloss 0.3% and so on ... I do not advise to catch above 2800x for can drag on a very long series of reds.
  2. Well, everything should be right, it’s free money .... I can quickly drain or quickly increase my balance with funds received from distributions, rain, contests, because I don’t think about losses and take a lot of risk, but often lose everything, but sometimes I win very well.
  3. Sometimes I played ... according to the ladder’s greatness method ... it's very simple, let's say you have 10 thousand satoshi, I bet 25 satoshis and catch 10 x .... you understand my logic
  4. From the time there will be all the coins, you just have to wait, as I understand it, the developers do not have time now for this ... and in general I think that you need to confine yourself to the coins in the top 25 at the coin market, because the rest of the coins are not so popular and may depreciate
  5. There is no boost, so there is something to strive for, but on the account of quantity, it is better once an hour than once every 10 minutes, you do not need to click a hundred times in one place and not check when it will roll back
  6. If you burn from the loss and go play big in order to get your money back, it’s not right ... you lose even more, it’s better to calm down and with sound thoughts a little bit to pinch off the pie and take your balance.
  7. wowa228

    Team up

    it’s very difficult to assemble a team, it was already something like that it takes a lot of time, I think .... it’s better to make another lottery with a contribution of 30k .... that’s very good. Anyone can get 3 million Satoshi from 30 thousand
  8. This is very cool)) yes sometimes mistakes happen that bring huge profits ... I once put the 990x on the dice and didn’t remove the rate increase, I had 77% so my rate reached 100 thousand, it’s a pity that I didn’t play, but suddenly would shoot)) it would be 1 bitcoin)
  9. It’s worth a try. It all depends on the developers. Usually a casino buys the rights of providers for various slots, as it will not be clear here .... most likely I will make home-made slots, of course I will not play such
  10. It is impossible to stop when you have reached a certain amount .... every time you tell yourself, now I’ll fan up to that amount and withdraw, but you merge. You need to play with a cold head and a clean mind, and not with emotions that you have lost some.
  11. I have never occupied and do not plan, if only there will be a difficult life situation, and even more so to take on gambling, it is very not smart and I will never do that and I do not advise you
  12. purely psychology ... a person thinks to himself if I won at small rates and was able to raise balance, then why not do it at a high rate and then loses weight. STake plays differently at high stakes, I noticed this .. and in general the attitude to the game changes, the person starts to get nervous, because it’s a big sum to the con and does the wrong thing
  13. No, you are not the only one, the plinko always merges 100%, as for keno, then there simply were such conditions and the numbers from which the balance will decrease. It’s good if it gave you quickly and you stayed at your balance. You need to understand that contests also need to be paid for something and you need to give back a part ... I think 80% of the contests go back to Stake
  14. Previously, the favorite games were dice hilo mines roulette, now everyone has more keno, it is a pity that they altered roulette and now I do not play it. Hilo was also strange to play, so I play it less and less, as for the dice, then I go there once every half a year)))
  15. Я иногда кручу вагер на 2 числах... вроде норм