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  1. Not a penny from anyone but then again I'm new around here but have lost plenty to stake so I think there holding my tip
  2. 98% on my way to gold.....need more money
  3. So plinko setting to low and 9 rows? Well I'm done trying money just dosent go very far here im sticking at other site i play on this place is nothing but a money sucker
  4. Ok maybe havent lost 30k maybe closer to 15.....might as well be 30k
  5. Any ideas or best way to get to gold without losing another 30k
  6. Wonder what the explanation on that is
  7. Thanks thats real informative.....🤪
  8. Guess I'll just keep throwing money at it ive played low ive played high i cant get a bonus on gates of Olympus to save my life it teases with 3 of course but another 500 down.....there goes the rent money
  9. Have yet to get a bonus without buying it.....these slots are much tighter than other sites ive played on......getting old real fast
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