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  1. I think sports is best way im 20% till plat 3 and its barely moving on slots
  2. I only get daily reloads how you get hourly?
  3. I agree man I mean I understand there wagering millions and whatnot but when you wager millions 5k ain't shit.....hold giveaways for certain levels only is an idea id like to see played out
  4. Got a first 5 bet and here we we are 7th inning still.not paid out.......whats the deal They must know I'm getting ready to go on 13 0 run and gotta stop me
  5. Ya I love the support here.....you just unlucky.....sucks to be you.....dosent help at all
  6. Ya sometimes it is pretty obvious when you raise your bet.... but sometimes they do let you win as well just gotta pray
  7. 60k to one person.......makes sense
  8. By putting a cap on tickets?? I highly doubt somebody wagering 3 million + gives a shit about 5k
  9. ^^^best post ever please listen to this guy......i think they need to cap the number of tickets i had 100 and thats not jack squat but I still felt.luke maybe I had a chance but when you've got 1000s of tickets 100 ain't shit
  10. Not a penny from anyone but then again I'm new around here but have lost plenty to stake so I think there holding my tip
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