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  1. ROULETTE: 41,898,003,860 placed by ThugStream on 20/04/2021 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 36x Profit 0.00003500
  2. Hey There there is no need of KYC verification, before or after you make any amount of deposits or withdrawals. Good luck
  3. Hey, You can contact them without logging in to your account, As shown in the login page, you will find "live support" option in left side bar, or on the right corner down you can just find "headphone" icon. Both shown in picture. If this doesn't help you cant contact them via email: support@stake.com Goodluck
  4. Hey @Kalik Please contact live support in Stake, They will help you disable 2FA security from your account, Good luck
  5. Hey, Winners for "multiply by two" are yet not announced, when it does a link to coupon and list of winners will be posted in the end of that specific topic or last comment. To claim the prize you just need to click on that coupon and you will get credited. or you could just "follow" that topic , you will get notification if any new comment is posted after its locked, easy?
  6. casino:27420943262 (crash) casino:27421507105 (slide) KENO: 27,421,807,692 placed by ThugStream on 07/08/2020 Wagered 0.00003000 Multiplier 13x Profit 0.00036000
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