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    ThugStream got a reaction from cryptowings in Eddie Weekend Stream + Giveaway   
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    ThugStream got a reaction from ubbey04 in Eddie Weekend Stream + Giveaway   
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    ThugStream got a reaction from ubbey04 in Eddie Weekend Stream + $100k Raffle + Giveaway   
  4. Thanks
    ThugStream reacted to Mirela in Eddie Weekend Stream + Giveaway   
    Heya, everyone ūüôā

    For more transparency and in case someone didn't follow the Stream due to the time zone difference or simply being busy, and comes back to site and sees some extra funds on their account, we will be posting the list of winners and who picked them from this week on, so congrats to everyone who got amazing prizes on Eddie's Stream Choice Awards¬†ūüćÄ
    Marija picked: @Philip74¬†@DarkAng31¬†@Dress¬†@Doge4me¬†@Yuka666¬†@Dimarik72¬†@Jdkirby¬†@Valeron¬†@ludmilka59¬†@wyj1306¬†@laron¬†@scorpion7777¬†@Ramiroshi35¬†@heisa¬†@Dogecoinbrotx¬†@CocaCola23¬†@shivshaw11¬†@Cedric62¬†@Melman83¬†@singpays¬†@Moser¬†@Muffin¬†‚≠ź

    Mirela picked: @Himiko¬†@chandrarv¬†@pocstar¬†@ghitagulas¬†@Romnick19¬†@skrubreker¬†@wowa24¬†@firewolf7876¬†@Mirdasin¬†@CntryBoy¬†@Mamans07¬†@vijaypondini¬†@cdotonstake¬†@RealCoinMarcel¬†@26Rola¬†@Galahad28¬†@Bravo2095¬†@Zazpaige¬†@a81082222¬†@Slasher041¬†@crisvin2¬†@Gretchen25¬†‚≠ź
    Bojana picked: @Potemkin @Eglesias @pasolone @9900x @AHCareP @seboafc @Lexus19 @zzaharris @Joe @PoserDispozr4 @Wildmonkeylv @jerrahmaya @LKL13 @Cuba777 

    Jelena picked: @ThugStream @Jivotnex @Drummer @defrostbyte @wcmawiii @j240 @Hahahhahahhh @Ganjacoin @jullifit @Kulvin @Carollzinha @Mackyrivera @Koljascha @wiro212sableng 
    Dusan picked: @IrishLuck¬†@blueswan89¬†@arkadian93¬†@SidSteezy¬†@delorean¬†@Godsplan¬†@Mage093¬†@pestojames7¬†@Kurt16¬†@joedol¬†@respektvlad¬†@maxpayne25¬†@manrush87¬†@99awara999¬†@jerrahmaya¬†@ham0117¬†@sbanch¬†@Landak¬†@Mashfiqun2018¬†@mels¬†@stefzaki¬†@wowa24¬†‚≠ź
    Steve picked: @natali26¬†@sdkfdksskqdf¬†@Xumus¬†@Etude¬†@ExtraChilli¬†@xPPx¬†@Birdch¬†@Fossy23¬†@Viktors1996¬†@FRNBoyZ¬†@wiliamkuba¬†@Snowmylife¬†@fatty¬†@BettyBits¬†@Queenbee214¬†@bmg¬†@Diamondblitz¬†@Scaffy¬†@darkaphite¬†@ray1017¬†@seanwattson¬†@minydoc¬†‚≠ź
    Random post number winners are: @zumyum¬†@Toorkey¬†@HollandAjeje¬†@ShilohPhx¬†@blockbet¬†@rararararay08¬†@Anon3301¬†@Tarrterr¬†@Joe¬†@penikmattempik¬†@blockbet¬†@dhkxy¬†@Alamar¬†@LouisLV¬†@chicotripa¬†@Danifilth¬†@Bamopa¬†@omarion¬†@PunkLol¬†@tb2244668899¬†@Crossie¬†@tahawkin¬†‚≠ź
    Thanks Steve and Dusan for joining Eddie on the stream! 
    Don't forget to verify till the next stream, guys, in order to get double prize if¬†you win. ūüćĬ†
    Thanks for another great Saturday, everyone, see you next week! ūüėé
  5. Thanks
    ThugStream reacted to Nenad in The Friendliest Chatters ūüó£   
    Third Round (weeks 16.11-30.11.2020.)

    Hello lovely chatters!¬†ūüėä

    Congrats to the 3rd round winners for the Friendliest Chatters. Winners can be seen below: 

    English: "Etude"&"Marceline"
    Sports: "cdot"
    Russian: "Nataly91"
    Indonesian: "MangOjol"
    Spanish: "Galahad28"
    Germany: "greatworkguys"
    India: "RMK"
    Portuguese: "ivaldodias"
    Filipino: "Polvoron"  
    French: "JEEPERS0029"

    Winners will be contacted via Support Live Chat!  
  6. Thanks
    ThugStream reacted to Landak in Do you remember your first cellphone?   
    I remember my first cell phone, it was the Nokia 2600

    a year later replace the new nokia 7610

    it was broken quickly then bought another new Nokia N73

    Even though these 2 cellphones are not the first, it doesn't take long for me to change cellphones, almost every year haha
    the problem that often annoys me is that the battery is wasteful and you have to buy a new battery, at that time the price of the battery was not cheap like it is today.
  7. Thanks
    ThugStream reacted to kebiski in ‚Äč ūüéÉ [5 LTC] Halloween Charades | Costume Challenge ‚ÄčūüéÉ   
    I present to you my halloweenūüĎĽ,
    Fictional Character from movie Ju-On Toshio Saeki
    Stake id : kebiski

  8. Thanks
    ThugStream reacted to JulyaVGO in ‚Äč ūüéÉ [5 LTC] Halloween Charades | Costume Challenge ‚ÄčūüéÉ   
    Okay guys, my hands are coming out of my ass so it wasn't easy at all to do anything of that
    But i made two costumes: "MrBlackjack" who makes a little preformance in the video; the second one is one and only GARY! Hope you guys like it! Goodluck everyone!
    My stakename: JulyaVGO
  9. Love
    ThugStream reacted to Dijana in ūüź∂Real Pet Pictures ūüźĪ   
  10. Bitcoin
    ThugStream reacted to Nenad in The Friendliest Chatters ūüó£   
    Hello dear, Stakers!
    We have a nice new feature for chat-lovers. Stake decided to reward the friendliest chatters from this moment on. Let me tell you more about this...

    Every two weeks, Moderators and Community Managers would pick one friendliest and most entertaining chatters to reward, except for the English room where there will be two winners.
    What does the friendliest chatter mean? It means you should be active on chat, be loved by the community, be helpful, also not a spammer, not toxic, and not muted for those running 2 weeks.
    Note that only one account per user would be eligible; no alternative accounts would be taken into consideration.

    Community Managers and Moderators will chose winners based on the users chat activity only and every two weeks. Note that gambling activity would not be considered for this giveaway, but only chat would matter. 

    Stake prepared awesome rewards for those who are chosen. You can pick in between:
    Cash Prize. If you choose this, we will award you with $30. Cash Prize in Reload. If you chose this, we will activate reload for: 15 days each day $2 claim OR 10 days each day $3 claim OR 5 days each day $6 claim, it is up to you. Also, don't worry if you already have active reload as this will be added on top of it.  
    This is only the beginning, we will have more upcoming and interesting rewards for you. ūüôā
  11. Thanks
    ThugStream reacted to Kalik in Lost two factor   
    Thanks for help, i contacted support already. Stay safe
  12. Thanks
    ThugStream reacted to Faris in VIP promo question   
    Now you can claim your prize
  13. Haha
    ThugStream got a reaction from Rille07 in VIP promo question   
    Winners for "multiply by two" are yet not announced, when it does a link to coupon and list of winners will be posted in the end of that specific topic or last comment. To claim the prize you just need to click on that coupon and you will get credited. 
    or you could just "follow" that topic , you will get notification if any new comment is posted after its locked, easy?  
  14. Thanks
    ThugStream reacted to dupeddonk in VIP promo question   
    Ah, that makes sense.  Thanks guys!
  15. Thanks
    ThugStream got a reaction from dupeddonk in VIP promo question   
    Winners for "multiply by two" are yet not announced, when it does a link to coupon and list of winners will be posted in the end of that specific topic or last comment. To claim the prize you just need to click on that coupon and you will get credited. 
    or you could just "follow" that topic , you will get notification if any new comment is posted after its locked, easy?  
  16. Thanks
    ThugStream reacted to Faris in Great generosity   
    First of all, if you think that no one loves you, then you should start looking for the reason in yourself, and not around. Secondly, if you have not received anything from Rade, this does not mean that he does not love you. Rade and Darko distributed this amount to over 400-500 people, via trivia/roll hunt/ tip /rain. There are many people who have not received anything, so there is no reason to complain.
    There is no reason to be upset because no one is mad at you and none of the staff hates you.
    No one, except the sender, has the right to ask how much of this amount is left on his balance. They had the right to share with whoever they wanted. So stop crying and complaining  
  17. Thanks
    ThugStream reacted to Milan in I've been muted ... but that's not all   
    Thank you for stepping forward with this, I appreciate it.
    For everyone that don't know, my name is Milan, not Milano but that doesn't matter.¬†ūüėĄ
    Lets start from the beginning of the conversation. You reached out to us with a message that you've missed some rains because German chat freezes all the time. Andrija replied that if chat freezes, that doesn't affect your rains since everything is random, and frozen chat or not, rains are distributed. He also said that with those $1000 wagered, you are only eligible for rain and that doesn't mean that you will receive every single rain. In the meantime you were just, I won't say spamming, but writing constantly that he don't know what you're talking about. 
    After that, I took over and I've told you pretty much everything that Andrija already did. And if you felt like being offended by anything that we said in support chat, I apologize for that. We were just replying to your questions. Now, if you didn't like the answer, I'm sorry but that's how rain works, by wagering $1000 you still won't get every single rain, that will only make you eligible for rain. You've also said that you won 3 out of 10 rains which is pretty amazing considering that you are not the only one eligible for it. 
    If your intention was something else entirely, you should've been more specific instead of saying "I miss on rains because German chat freezes". 
    Now, conversation was closed and you moved to public chat. At first, I wasn't aware of that until my colleagues told me about it. You've sent a screenshot of our chat and that doesn't really matter. What matters is that you've said to whole chat how we do not reply to your questions and that we are stupid. There was one more thing, you've called me narrow brained rambo (part that I couldn't translate very well) which didn't offend me at all but I won't allow you to lie and trash talk about support team while we were replying to your questions and tried to help you. If you didn't like the answer to your question, that is a totally different thing.
    I take false accusations very serious and your mute will remain. Once it expires, you are free to use the chat normally. 
    I stand behind everything that I've said on support and public chat. If I missed anything out, I will be back.¬†ūüėé
  18. Bitcoin
    ThugStream reacted to seanwattson in Ooops...I did it again (but not ever again)   
    First off fellow stakers...Hello,  I hope all are doing well. Please learn from others mistakes and not through your own volition.  I know for a fact that I would much prefer to learn a hard lesson through someone else, however if you're heard headed like myself...well, that isn't so easy all the time! 
    I got up a really good balance and started playing plinko. I had a feeling I was gonna hit big so ai adjusted my bdt and went for 100x. It brought my balance to half a bitcoin then all of a sudden my adrenaline started flowing. I should have stopped but I kept getting greedy. Lost half my balance in a flash. Oh boy, time to withdraw but did I not. I pulled some off and that at least was the good thing. Next time I win that big i am instantly stopping to collect. Attached is a copy of the bet.

  19. Payday
    ThugStream got a reaction from laron in Eddie Weekend Stream + Giveaway   
  20. Haha
    ThugStream reacted to maverick528 in 1k usd minimum wager to receive rain is exclusion and prejudice   
    All suggestions are valuable and are listened to.
    Anyway, Im sharing with you a joke I made in the spanish chat =
    90% of the complains come from 10% of the users.
  21. Thanks
    ThugStream reacted to Edward in Indepth look into Stake RNG and the proofably fair system.   
    Love to see in depth analysis like this. Blind trust is not good. Do your own research
    Whilst this process may seem complicated to your average punter, 3rd party websites, such as betsesh.com & provablyfair.me, use this same method to automatically calculate results for you. If Stake was ever not to stick to the same system of RNG, these websites would no longer give the correct results. In turn exposing Stake to malicious activity. 
    I agree though, it's naive to assume everyone will check every single one of their bets through a verifier or self verification process. However we believe at this point in Stake's life, there would never be a situation where taking that risk at the cost of the businesses legitimacy & almost decade long reputation (When including Primedice.com) would be worthwhile. 
    It's some fairly simple, yet I think effective, game theory
  22. Thanks
    ThugStream reacted to Steve in Discord removal   
    Unfortunately the discord server is getting to the point where it's causing more harm than good and it's a tough decision to let go but it will be beneficial to the Stake community as a whole moving forward. If you're in the server you probably understand already what's going on with the amount of people sending scam messages and trying to steal your coins through discord.

    The amount of complaints we're receiving from the community about being scammed or people attempting to scam them through discord is only increasing as the days go and the amount of bots flooding things such as the public giveaways is also increasing. Another big problem is people impersonating Stake staff members in an attempt to gain your trust. From here you can be certain of impostors because we will no longer be using discord.

    I'll certainly miss the server myself and if anyone was around from the beginning you'll remember the struggle of keeping one open! Rest in peace Stake discord you'll always be a positive memory!

    Comment below your best Stake discord memories for a chance to win a prize!
  23. Love
    ThugStream reacted to Faris in [$800] Birthday Afterparty ūüćĺ | Hilo Challenge   
    HILO: 27,560,712,515
    placed by Faris on 10/08/2020
    0.00000100 Multiplier
    2.67759x Profit
  24. Thanks
    ThugStream reacted to Faris in Eddie Stake Birthday Stream + $10,000 Giveaway   

  25. Thanks
    ThugStream reacted to Edward in Eddie Stake Birthday Stream + $10,000 Giveaway   
    Twitch.tv/PrimeEdd - Starts 11am GMT!

    $10,000 in Bitcoin being given away over the course of 3 hours!
    Post your Stake usernames below. Your post number will be your entry number into the giveaways. 

    Increase your chances of winning!
    1. Add an awesome picture of a Stake related Birthday card written & signed off by you ūüėÖ
    2. Be on the stream so you know what colour to edit into your post (100+ forum posts required) ūüďļ
    3. Be in the top 20 of the Birthday race ūüŹé
    4. Be polite & don't spam the Twitch chat or Stake chat ‚̧ԳŹ

    PLEASE NOTE: Any form of abuse (Multi accounting in particular) will result in a perm ban from forum. No one is exempt to this. 
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