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  1. Ideally I’m happy with $5000 session
  2. I won 16k this week withdrew $10k played the 6k out and put the 10k back in on one slot not my finest moment
  3. That’s really cool I never got those!
  4. Lucky I reached platinum 2 last week hoping for 3 this week 🤞🏼
  5. Omg wow I wonder what wagering will be for that 🙀
  6. I like the rewards system and I feel my luck is better here then others although I’m down that’s just cos I push it
  7. I think maybe people who chat more get more rain?
  8. Where do u see the pragmatic leaderboard? Is this every week?
  9. I find Swyftx the most inexpensive way to buy and sell crypto and it goes straight to my bank account
  10. If it’s your kid then you definitely shouldn’t be encouraging them!
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