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  1. never even withdraw from stake only deposit
  2. u cant beat the casino in the long run no matter what strategy u have, u'll ended up losing its all about temporary luck tho, your strategy may work for a while but it'll bust in the end. goodluck stakers
  3. won almost 20k$ in crazy time when it hit 2000x and degen mode on until 0
  4. France for shure best player : Kylian Mbappe
  5. Monke36 lucky color : Mikado
  6. BET ID : 48.947.384.292 Username : Monke36
  7. hey guys i have an idea, how about stake team create a vault with timer, for example a few minute or a few hours total lock. so during that time users cannot withdraw from the vault. because i personally think vault is a great idea,but for a gambler like me its hard to control my balance eventhough i already deposited a half of it. for example earlier it was happening to me when i start from 60xrp and won until 300xrp then i deposited 250 to the vault. when my remaining balance got to 0, i cant control myself to not withdraw from the vault it will be a great feature i think, because a lot of people got cocky and lost it all in a couple minutes.. what do u guys think?
  8. It happens to me too once when i was wagering, it lagged and literally hit 1.00 twice in a row all of a sudden. Cant do anything to stop it well i didnt care that much because its not a lot of money.. But in your case its a huge amount so the least support can do is to take this case seriously because it happens to a lot of people as well.
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