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  1. my biggest tip was 100$ from @bootynbeer , and never got a tip that was even close to that haha. @ubbey04 you are the most lucky person , and you really deserve it ❀️
  2. I would say stop when it's not fun anymore , and keep playing while you're still on profit , or at least when you think you've made enough bucks
  3. i personally use HolaVpn ,it works great and its built-in on chrome
  4. Insane, if he just held it.
  5. If I woke up as a boy , I would just go all in with my bank account on stake, 50/50 and hope for the best lol
  6. my dad, he always has been there for me. He is my SuperHero ^^
  7. i would say ltc is the best , low fees , fast transaction. I personally love ltc.
  8. 2018 sadly , and i didnt hold either
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