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  1. Thinking the same exact thing. Doghouse used to juice all the time, now I’m getting 10x bonuses every time
  2. orbul

    BIggest win

    Why are you screaming at me
  3. I completely agree w ya. Especially for the insanely hyped up birthday bonus giveaway. There were like 3 winners that won all the giveaways which is statistically insane. imo, Stake should make it so you can only win 1 time per giveaway as you said to give others a chance. I was honestly let down to see the winners list this weekend.
  4. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like slots are more rigged (in the provider's favor) on days of monthly and weekly bonuses? I've been noticing this for quite a few months now, I would receive a monthly bonus and never hit a single bonus/good hit across 10+ different slots and providers. However, on other days such as the middle of the week - I would depo $40 and hit almost every slot bonus and win big consistently. This happened too many times for me to notice. I understand that gambling is "luck" but as an experienced slots player, you'll get the feeling that some days are worse than others. and those days happen to be on the days of bonuses. It makes sense if the rtp is tweaked on these days since the casinos have to get their bonus money back. Thoughts?
  5. Monthly bonus for August is out. Check your emails. 🤑
  6. Wishing the best of luck to each and every one of yall! And Happy Birthday Stake, you guys are truly the #1 online casino out there!!
  7. Update: got another $40 bonus this month. Rank silver
  8. Fruit party 20cent spin base game $700+ payout. I’ll never forget that day
  9. Negative. Extremely negative. Almost every gambler is negative unless you win big and leave with your winnings and never look back.
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