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  1. Wow! How do you minimize profits like that? Thatโ€™s insane.
  2. Hey everyone! As most of you already know, Stake released monthly bonuses today. How much did you receive for your monthly? I got a nice $40 bonus, no complaints here. I'm currently bronze VIP rank and am curious to know how all of you did, since wager $ and VIP rank are taken into account.
  3. I'm excited for it, when is the anniversary exactly?
  4. casino:46116412542 LIMBO: 46,116,412,542 placed by orbul on 03/06/2021 Wagered 0.00026115 Multiplier 88x Profit 0.02272005
  5. 100% dogs are better animals. I have had 2 dogs in the past and absolutely loved them.
  6. Love this idea! This would be a lot of fun and I could definitely see myself playing this if it came out.
  7. I also love the current stake originals but I fully agree with you. Some new stake originals would never hurt and would definitely add to the excitement!!
  8. What do you prefer when playing slots? Regular, Quick, or Turbo Spins? Personally, I love running turbo spins for a variety of slots as I don't have the patience ๐Ÿ˜‚
  9. I'll take the win, thanks! ๐Ÿ˜‚
  10. My realistic dream car right now is probably a tesla, they're actually not as pricey as everyone thinks. If I had unlimited money (lol), I would love to own a Bugatti la voiture noire -- insane cars.
  11. orbul

    Bonus hunt help

    Don't quote me on this but I think the bonuses stay there forever as long as you don't press continue
  12. Wow, congrats on your win mate! I completely agree with the streaks, I can go on amazing runs and lose just the same.
  13. lol the chatroom is a fun pastime but I don't really go on there much tbh
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