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  1. @Dave1280yo brada congrats on the raffle. let me know if u need any work done again?
  2. oky so i made a few adjustments... will redo cover image soon.. hope u like 😃 also https://t.me/hoboriginal for tg
  3. @Lord BeerusYo brada, sorry for the wait.. had some things thats needed to be done, also i wanted this piece to be as unique as possible.. i mean imagine how boring it would be to see yer design on every other image on google. so yeah i hope you like.. i cant decide between the 2 colour theme.. so you can have the final say EDIT: oh yah. once you decide which theme, I'll upload a profile pic featuring the beerus in a cut to aspect ratio for you to use
  4. happy bday!!! that 10k sure sounds nice huh!?
  5. sup brada im currently busy with it.. dont worry u wont be disappointedğŸ˜Ž thank u😊
  6. @JovanVor was the mute hammer a request?? cuz if so... here ya go 😅 @RoyalSteeze yo man i never got round to properally thanking u for the support.. like in the past 2 weeks i was evicted from where i was staying and my apendix burst.. in all honesty its been fkn intense.. however that tip u sent me, i mananged to flip into like 500$.. and in my local currency, thats pretty decent.. and so, i was able to pull thru and sort out alot of my finacial issues. from the bottom of my heart my bruh, thank you, if it wasnt for that tip.. idk where id be right now.. PS. im glad u like the designs.. more are on the way😄
  7. Oky... did i do something wrong?
  8. cool thanx man =D that Hilomatic bot u posted is equally as gorgeous. XD ive made some decent wins on it =) Well i do what i do for fun in a sense. however...i wouldnt say its free (cuz the idea is kinda me showcasing what i can do for potential clients) ..but more in a sense like im not expecting anything, if i make you something, and you wana show yer support, then a tip would always be appreciated. but its not required.. I make random designs for random ppl on a random casino forum because i enjoy it. As for yer question.. yeah sure.. a quick beerus design should be fun.. I'll keep u posted cool thanx for the heads up.. and thanx for the support. i do appreciate=D hobomafia on both forum and casino yes
  9. @Dave1280 Here ya go. hope u like
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