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  1. I am also a supporter such tactics
  2. Okay Thanks for response, I will think how to rewrite this better
  3. I have tried to play Plinko many times, and it seems to me that the best option would be to choose the low risk and the smallest number of lines. In such conditions, the gain is minimal, but it is stable (in the long distance)
  4. It will be cool if Stake adds chess to its list of games. I will gladly play chess with stakes 😉
  5. Sometimes people face some difficulties when they try to master the game of blackjack. Below I list of five blackjack betting systems you can use to boost your income! Before we'll have started, I have to remind you that “systems” and “strategies” mean the same thing. While it's important to remember that sometimes decisions are made quickly, without careful thought, and they cannot help you make money in every game. The system of bets "1-3-2-6" The 1-3-2-6 system is popular in the blackjack world. However, it may seem a little confusing, so will try to explain it with the example below: The 1-3-2-6 system works by increasing your bet by a certain sequence multiplier (in the order shown) each time you win, up to four bets. For example, you could bet $ 10 and win, then bet $ 10 again, then $ 30, $ 20, and finally $ 60, and then return to the first position in the sequence. The purpose of this system is to minimize the risk because when you lose (any time), you immediately go back to the $ 10 bet. The system of bets "2-1-2" or "Manhattan" The Manhattan 2-1-2 system is another common player choice. It also seeks to minimize risks and build a pattern of gradual growth in rates, but with a step smaller than the “1-3-2-6” system. Whatever value you start with, if you win, you bet one pound/dollar/euro, or a unit of any other currency that you use in the game. If you win again, you double your stake, then again the original size, then double the amount if all your games end successfully for you. If you lose, you are returned to your original bet. It turns out that if you use this method, you can lose a few games, but still win. The system of bets "Martingale" The Martingale system is probably the simplest strategy of all. It helps the player to always win but first lose a few times. To use this strategy in blackjack, you need to double your bet every time you lose. For example, if you bet $ 10 and lose, your next bet will be $ 20. If you win, you lose $ 30 and earn $ 40, which brings you a profit of $ 10. However, this is a risky system, I advise you to use it only if there is room in your inventory for spending on blackjack, and you are ready to lose a certain amount from this budget. The system of bets "Oscar" This system was originally used for dice, but later enthusiasts have successfully applied it to blackjack. When used properly, it brings the player to an extremely high chance of winning 100% of your starting bet. The Oscar system is based on increasing the bet by the same rate each time. If you bet $ 1 and win, you bet $ 1 again, and this will definitely lead you to win one bet. If you lose, you just bet $ 1 again. If you win this bet, you double the bet, which covers your losses and gives you a profit equal to one unit of your earnings. It will take you a while to adjust to the strategy, but afterwards you can make a profit at the blackjack table. The system of bets "Flat" Mine last method is also very simple. You bet the same amount every time, and then you will not suffer losses, always only multiplying your deposits. This is not the most exciting strategy, but it will allow you to minimize risks and control the situation in the game.
  6. I think all participants of the Steak forum know enough about poker as a game, so let's move on to tips about free play. How to win money without investing your own? You can start playing poker for money, but not invest your own. For this, there are tournaments (freerolls), where the prize fund is formed not from players' money, but from the tournament organizers or sponsors. The winnings are small, but this is real money. In such tournaments, you can quickly and free of charge gain experience of real play. Also, for a free game, you can find sponsors or investors, there are calls “Backers”. This persons or organizations finance poker players, and then take a percentage from the winnings. Typically, it ranges from 9 to 25% of winnings plus the initial investment amount. The rest part goes to the player. It's a bit like a bank loan, but there is a difference. The bank is not interested in your life situation, and the money will have to be returned in any case. And if you have lost the Backer's money, you don’t need to give them back, but of course, you won’t get more money. To start working with Backer, you need to play with the positive dynamics of winning for at least two months and avoid violations. Backers often communicate with each other, and if there are violations behind you, the Backer will most likely find out about it. If you do not have game statistics, most likely you won't be able to get sponsor money. As for the bonuses that can be obtained at the casino, they aren't relevant for poker. The only bonus from the entire Stake promotion that can be used in poker is the deposit bonus. But the obvious problem with the deposit bonus it isn't free. if I'm wrong and there is an opportunity to play poker for free by using Stake bonuses, write about it in the comments More information about poker available here: https://bitcoincasinotop.com/games/btc-poker/
  7. Card games that are based on blackjack may seem the same at first glance. The number of decks and cards in them is different, while the basic rules remain unchanged. The dealer or a special shuffle machine is responsible for shuffling the cards. In modern conditions, a player needs to understand the nuances of blackjack and the peculiarities of dealing cards. This knowledge is really useful to you, as casinos constantly make their own adjustments, which are often disadvantageous to customers. Using a different number of decks in blackjack I would like to dwell in detail on the "stand" and "hit" rules for the dealer. Previously, the dealer was obliged to make a “stand” (when no more cards can be taken) at 17 points, and a “hit” (drawing one more card) when there are 16 or fewer points. Today gambling establishments have made some changes to these rules. Now the dealer also draws cards on 17 soft points (when there is an ace in his hand). Novice players may think that nothing much has changed, but this is not the case. Indeed, the dealer more often ends the hand with overkill on a 17-soft hit, but in other cases, his hand will significantly outperform the players' combinations. Due to this rule, the casino increases its advantage over blackjack fans by 0.2%. It must also be said that such a slight change in the rules leads to a complete replacement of the previous gambler's strategy. Let's consider the optimal strategy for playing classic blackjack with 16 decks: Doubling the bet 11 if the dealer has an ace. If the dealer has an up card of 6, the player makes a "double down" for 19 softs. The doubling of 17 softs is carried out when the banker drops an up card 2. Many casinos still use tables where the old "s17" blackjack rule applies (the dealer is no longer given additional cards if he has 17 points in his hand). There are also tables of the game "h27", where a "hit" at 17 is allowed. Before you sit down at the blackjack table, familiarize yourself with the nuances of the established rules. We advise you to choose the tables designed for "s17" for the game because they have a significantly lower house edge, which increases your chances of winning. Previously, for blackjack in a one-deck version of the game, the house payout was 3: 2. Over time, casino executives decided to remove it from their range, and instead came variations of blackjack, where two, six, or eight decks of cards are used. Gambling establishments adopted such innovations to increase their own advantage over customers. Also, with the increase in the number of decks, the possibility of applying the card account strategy becomes much more difficult. Of course, some casinos still have one-deck blackjack, but it's worth noting that the payout for hitting 21 points is only 6: 5. The house edge at this ratio increases by 1.4%, which is almost 9 times more than at the 3: 2 ratio. Now let's try, for a better understanding, to replace all the numbers with dollars to determine the blackjack payouts with a 6: 5 ratio. Let's say your pot is $ 10 and the dealer deals you 80 hands in an hour. According to statistics, the blackjack combination falls out every 21 hands. It turns out that 21 points in 80 rounds can be collected approximately 4 times. The presence of blackjack brings the player a win of $ 15 (the bet is $ 10, and the ratio is 3: 2). With a 6: 5 ratio, you only get $ 12. By such actions, the casino, in fact, "steals" from the participants at the gaming table for $ 3 for each blackjack hit. In 2 hours, this amount reaches $ 24. Therefore, we strongly advise you not to play one-deck blackjack with a payout ratio of 6: 5. Mixing cards Now let's take a closer look at the features of mixing cards in blackjack. Chances are, you are completely convinced that it is impossible to change the house edge with any shuffling techniques. In fact, this is a misconception. This is the attitude that gambling establishments rely on on the part of customers. Previously, the dealer used his own hands to interfere with the cards or use special shuffle machines. Today there are two seats on the gaming tables, which consist of 6 decks. When one deck of cards ends, it is sent to the shuffle, after which the dealer takes the next deck, but from another set, and then continues dealing. Using an automatic shuffler for shuffling results in a 70% chance of cards from a spent deck getting into play until the next shuffle. Manual and machine shuffling of cards does not in any way affect the probability of winning or losing players (the casino advantage remains unchanged). Today gambling establishments are massively switching to a new method of mixing cards, which obviously cannot please true blackjack fans. The device is called CSM. How does CSM work? The main task of the CSM is to randomly shuffle the cards that are out of the game after all hands with 4-5 decks remaining. Now, at the end of the deal, the dealer does not put the used cards into a separate cell. Thus, each hand after CSM will be the same as dealing from a new deck. Why did casinos start using CSM? For gambling houses, CSM is reliable protection against the masters of the counting technique. This strategy assumes knowing the remaining high and low-value cards in the deck. When the counter player sees that most of the small cards (with denominations from 2 to 6) are out of the game, then he realizes that his advantage over the gambling establishment increases, since the deck is dominated by cards of a high value (from 10 to Ace). It is impossible to calculate their ratio in the presence of the CSM apparatus, therefore the counting technique will not help the player in any way. CSM and casino edge In fact, the practice of using CSM shows that the new technique of mixing cards does not increase the house edge at all. One can even argue the opposite - such a device slightly reduces the house edge, which is good news for a gambler. But you shouldn't be too happy about this, because the shift of the advantage towards the player is fully compensated by the high speed of the process. When using CSM, the game can run continuously. The croupier is able to make 20% more hands in one hour. And this is rapidly depleting your bank. How do I know if CSM is available at the game table? The most popular CSM device today is the King Shuffler. The device resembles a large black box. In its lower part there is a slot from which the dealer takes cards and distributes them to the players. The upper part is equipped with another cell where used cards are sent. To determine the technique of shuffling the cards, you just need to observe the dealer's actions for some time after the end of the round. If the dealer puts the spent cards in a separate cell, then feel free to choose this particular table, since everything here is arranged according to the old principle. The CSM will be used at the table if the banker folds the cards into the shuffler. Pass by such places.
  8. The field of bookmaking is constantly expanding in accordance with the demand, which increases from year to year. Therefore, it is not surprising that all bookmakers began to accept bets not only on sports events. This is mainly due to the fact that the management of casinos and bookmakers wants to attract gambling people who are not interested in sports. Steak casino offers a fairly wide list of events that you can bet on One of the most popular areas in non-sport betting is politics. And this is no coincidence because it is an integral part of the life of modern society. Although it is quite difficult to imagine, how you can regularly earn money by guessing the next US president or the party that will receive the majority, such bets are gaining more and more popularity. So what political events can you bet on? Many bookmakers offer to bet on the winner of the next US presidential election. This is one of the most common unsporting bets. You can also, for example, put on the next permanent leader of the British Conservative Party. Now at the Stack casino, a bet is available on the Future elections in Great Britain - how many seats will this or that party take in parliament? Why did many experienced bettors start betting on non-sports? Sports betting has a century of history. How to analyze confrontations, how to set lines, the sportsbook specialists and analysts know on 100% this "filled" because of many years of experience. But unsportsmanlike betting is a little different, it requires a different approach. The analysts of the offices get a different algorithm of work, and the chances of winning are approximately equal. Because of this, many bookmakers special for unsportsmanlike events issue a large margin of 10-12%, because they themselves have not fully figured out everything and are reinsured with a large margin. And here there are good opportunities for experienced bettors. The main thing here is to thoroughly understand everything and catch specialists on their mistakes, and they will be 100%. If I texted something wrong or made a mistake, please write about this in the comments 😉
  9. Hello everyone, I decided to add some informative content for beginners, I hope you will enjoy 🙂 Fans of online slots have probably heard about the “volatility” of slots. You may also come across a word like dispersion, in the case of slots, they mean the same thing, but what exactly and why do we need to know about it? What does it mean volatility? Volatility is used to denote the "risk" of a gaming machine. It is medium, low, and high. It should not be confused with RTP as these terms mean very different things. So, on average, a slot has a return percentage (RTP) in the range of 94-96%, but it has nothing to do with volatility. Online slots with high volatility These online slots have a low hit rate. That is, playing combinations are made less frequently. But, if they do appear, then the winnings will be much higher than in the machines with low and medium variance. The games on these slot machines are usually difficult, but many players like them very much. After all, they can offer rather high winnings, with a coefficient from 100 to 1000 from the initial bets. Slots with low volatility These types of slots are characterized by high hit rates. In the process of spinning the reels, players get many winning combinations, but at a lower reward. In this case, it may seem that the balance does not change at all, and only one difference between slots with high and low volatility is the game time. But when you playing on low variance slot machines, the risk of losing money quickly is much less, because regular small wins keep the game balance at the same level, and this fact influences at the game in general. How to determine the volatility of a slot machine? It is not always immediately clear whether an online slot has low, high, or medium volatility. You can determine it by examining the pay-table. Compare the winnings that are awarded by different combinations. If you see a big difference in payouts, then you have chosen a slot machine with high volatility. Conclusion When you choosing a slot machine, you need to understand what level of risk you are ready to take. The high risk opens the door for big rewards. So you have a better chance of hitting the jackpot, but the probability of losing increases too. If you do not like to take the risk, then machines with low or medium volatility will be suitable for you. They are great for beginners since the bankroll will not disappear too fast, this allows you to save your money and play much longer. Also, slots with low variance are suitable for those who are ready to play calmly and for a long time, without a significant increase in capital. If I texted something wrong or made a mistake, please write about this in the comments 😉
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