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  1. Good luck and have fun and hit very very big. And if you don't mine try this 2k sats chartbet don't withdraw until 3x payout Just try if ur more lucky than me just wanted to know
  2. I also wanted to know Was confused how to mine i think we can mine through wallet ?
  3. Unknown1

    Quit Gambling

    ok 10k satoshis to stop gambling ? LOL
  4. Unknown1

    Is chat app telegram for ICOs secure?

    its not quite safe but what to do ICO'S says to use telegram
  5. Unknown1

    Alt Coin Mining

    You are welcome btw bro doesnt need much resources only A chrome browser GL
  6. This year the World Blockchain Forum, a two-day conference held in Dubai, will host an abundance of innovation that gives a glimpse towards the future of finance. The next-generation internet technology is set to transform the nation of Dubai as it aims to be the first blockchain-focused country by the year 2020. On April 16-17 at the World Blockchain Forum (WBF) in Dubai, many individuals and businesses will gather in the Gulf region to discuss blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions. Dubai hopes to be a leader within the blockchain realm worldwide, and by 2020 it will attempt to be the first blockchain powered government. This year the event will host an array of initial coin offering (ICO) pitches for those interested in the tokenized economy and revolutionary crowdfunding model. Read here the whole thing : https://news.bitcoin.com/this-april-the-world-blockchain-forum-returns-to-dubai/ So if you guys have a person whom you wanna teach something about cryptocurrency take them here. Tickets can be purchased here : https://dubai.keynote.ae/tickets/ Well Dubai planning to go more into cryptocurrency
  7. Umm , i used to do trading back before now investing in new project's ICO's etc and also invested in a real estate im not old enough but i gave the money to my brother so what he gets i get . Anyway trading can also be risky i almost lost around 3k due to dropping of prices and rising of prices. Anyway Good Luck , in my eyes investment best
  8. Unknown1

    Alt Coin Mining

    You can mine BRO coins on the side also so here's the link : bitrad.io Also XMR is a good coin to mine but BTC don't mine unless you have a good system
  9. So, lucky day for miners since Nvidia launching a card specified more towards mining you can still play games but you ca mine better News here : https://news.bitcoin.com/nvidia-mining-gpu-to-be-launched-sooner-than-expected-reports/ News reads : New Reports suggest that Nvidia is going to launch a mining GPU sooner than previously expected. The graphics unit comes with features that cryptocurrency miners will find attractive. According to leaked specifications, the Inno3D card is based on the gaming GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. New Card Good for Mining Ethash Coins The leading manufacturer of video processing hardware Nvidia is going to launch a dedicated mining graphics card, according to new media reports. Preliminary specifications suggest that the Inno3D model is be based on GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. It is said to be a cutdown clone of the gaming card, but will feature customization targeted at cryptocurrency miners. The upcoming lineup will be powered by a version of the older “Pascal” chips, which were installed in GTX 1080 Ti and Titan-branded cards. Unlike the gaming products, the mining card will offer custom configuration for the memory and faster performance, but it won’t have a video output. The card uses Inno3D’s Twin X2 cooler design, with two fans and five heat pipes. No bracket for attaching to a mining frame is seen on leaked pictures, although according to Crypto Mining Blog, a standard PC bracket will be provided as an accessory. The P102-100 GPUs are similar to Nvidia’s P104-100 cards. They are equipped with CUDA cores 3200, with base clock at 1582 MHz. The physical memory is 5 GB in size, GDDR5X type, with 320-bit interface and 11 Gbps clock. The memory bandwidth is 400 GB/s. They come with PCIe Gen1 x4 bus support and two 8-pin PCI-E connectors. The maximum thermal design power is 250 Watt. P102-100 will offer the following hashrates: ETH ~47 mhs; ZEC ~660 Sol/s; XMR ~879 hs. The data provided by Inno3D is for reference only. The GPUs are optimized for mining Ethash coins. Currently, there is no information about the price of the new graphics card.
  10. Unknown1

    BitRent - RNTB (ICO)(ANN)

    BitRent - Building. Investing. Monitoring BitRent - real estate building platform BitRent is the first blockchain platform meant to attract commercial and residential property investments at an early stage of construction in order to gain maximum profit by selling and renting out the acquired property. We connect developers with investors. Ideology BitRent platform enables each person on the Earth to their assets and become an owner of commercial and residential property objects. We simplify the process of buying hotels, businesses and shopping centers making it easy affordable for everyone. Construction Investments Attraction of investments at any stage of construction The possibility to invest small amounts Globalism and visibility Investments are protected by records in the decentralized registry Own a share in real estate anywhere in the world Digitized construction Digitized information about real estate objects is stored in Blockchain Real estate transactions via Smart Contracts Engineering and construction BIM - Building Information Modeling RFID – Radio Frequency Identification for monitoring and control PRODUCT Our goal is to develop a platform based on blockchain technology and attract construction industry investments. Investment objects stand for building constructed with tags integrated in all constructional elements. Building Information Modeling and Radio Frequency Identification technologies enable participants to share critical real estate information in real time. Each participant is able to check all investment objects online in real time which reduces huge amounts of manual data collection, which will save financial costs and time. Such innovation allows all participants get complete information on real estate items within a decentralized network in real time. BitRent platform provides the following opportunities to each participant Attract investments at any stage Reach real-time schedule control of construction Conduct construction monitoring and quality control Have access to complete information about projects under construction Get profit from selling or renting real estate items
  11. Unknown1

    Google to ban any crypto related ads

    Actually it won't show any altcoins ads but only bitcoin related ads which are trustful also when you search something only trustworthy things related to bitcoin will appear News reads : BAD FOR SHILLS, GOOD FOR BITCOIN Last year’s rapid rise in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices was partially fueled by last year’s explosion in ICOs. Unfortunately, this nascent industry has also been rife with scams and fraud. Ads promising too-good-to-be-true returns — such as the now-infamous Bitconnect with its memorable advertising blitz — have already led to many investors losing their money. This has resulted in repeated warnings from watchdogs such as the SEC, which considers most ICOs to be security offerings and thus subject to registering with the regulator. Fortunately, the news does not have a direct impact on Bitcoin, the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency. It is one of the few cryptocurrencies that has no marketing department, no centralized team and CEO, and is not registered as a company looking to raise funds. There is only cryptocurrency that has never depended on marketing: Bitcoin. All the rest would be nowhere without the marketing departments behind them. It was purposely designed to be a decentralized, open-source protocol maintained by a disparate group of volunteer developers from all over the world. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Bitcoin community largely reacted positively to the news. “This is the best news ever. Only organic results when searching for Bitcoin!!” the top rated comment reads on Reddit. News here : http://bitcoinist.com/google-ban-cryptocurrency-ads-bitcoin-not-affected/
  12. Unknown1

    A heater that will crypto currency

    ur going all out in posting lol See recent discussion lol be careful spamming can get u banned
  13. free TRX just by joining under my reflink you can withdraw your TRX to your HUOBI.pro account OMG bitleek is giving away free tron so dont miss it only if you use ref link it works so here is mine : http://bitleek.com/promotion?invitor=7e1ec35731560dca and then download the app on playstore after you register and download the app login and go to wallet and just tap the gift icon and you will get more TRX for free bump
  14. SKYFChain business model We issue the fixed amount of SKYFT tokens, which will be required for any transaction inside the SKYFchain. A user requests a transaction in SKYFchain and pays securely in fiat money through his smart contract. SKYFchain aquires SKYFT tokens at a crypto exchange to execute the transaction. SKYFT TOKEN Fixed amount of 1,200,000,000 tokens The ICO-end price will be ~0.065 USD per 1 SKYFT token SKYFT is compliant with SEC of USA SKYFT tokens will be required for any transaction inside SKYFchain. A user requests a transaction in SKYFchain and pays securely in fiat money through his smart contract. SKYFchain acquires SKYFT tokens
at a crypto exchange to execute the transaction. Transactions will grow exponentially because ROBOTS NEED 
TO TALK with clients THE DRONE SKYFchain is a spin off of SKYF drone successful project Deployment time <10min Useful load – up to400 kg/882 lbs Flight range – up to350 km/220 miles SKYFT Token Details SKYFT-token is the SKYFchain internal currency Details: Fixed amount — 1 200 000 000 tokens Two types of transactions, paid using SKYFT: Operational transactions Fintech transactions Super-node holders harvest 50% of fees 25% of fees goes to token holders 25% of fees goes to the Community Development Fund SKYFchain tokens allocation 44% - Crowdsale 15% - Network Development Fund 10% - Community Development Fund 9,5% - Reserve 1,5% - Bounty Fund 20% - Team Link : https://www.skyfchain.io/ The drone video :
  15. The team says that even if you loose you get a small share of the money. That is a good fairness. Since most lottery only 1 person wins