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  1. Tesla one of the biggest and largest brands of electric cars just got hit by two hackers trying to hack their systems to mine cryptocurrency. Hackers had infiltrated Tesla’s Kubernetes console (a system for containerized apps that was originally designed by Google) which was not password protected. Within one pod, access credentials were exposed to Tesla’s AWS (Amazon Web Services) environment which contained an Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) bucket that had sensitive data such as telemetry. In addition to the data exposure, the hackers were mining for cryptocurrency from within one of Tesla’s Kubernetes pods. Also the mining software was set to low use of computer resources since they didn't want to be detected and also the Clean IP of the pool was hidden and couldn't be found. But don't worry since The Redlock team found out about this and reported it to Telsa.
  2. So as you know Venezuela is one of the most miserable countries so they are launching a new coin called PETRO coin. According to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro — will be backed by one barrel of the country’s national petroleum. 100 million Petro tokens will be issued, with an estimated total market value of roughly $6 billion. People of Venezuela feel a bit unsecure about this coin since the coin was told that it will be backed up by oil but people are saying that the oil that will backup the token hasn't been pumped out yet. So what do you guys think about this coin and how will it effect the country or will it help the country to develop itself or not. Pist your spicy speculations below. Personally I think that the country might be able to develop a lot.
  3. Salon gives an option

    So as you all know most of the sites run with ads on the pages. It may be pop ups , or normal ads placed here and there and are very frustratingbut salon has brought in a new idea for users. The users who visit their website can either choose to let salon use their computer power for mining monero or go for the option with showing ads. This is a good step towards increasing the price of monerp as well as making the blockchain more efficient. Users will mine as soon as they are on the website. The PR said “we’re going to eat up your spare power to mine crypto.” If all goes according to plan, those who visit Salon while running an ad-blocker will face a pop-up, allowing readers a choice — turn off their ad-blockers or choose to “suppress ads.” Choosing the second option grants Salon the ability to harness your computational power, for the duration of your visit, in order to mine the popular Monero cryptocurrency via the mining software, Coinhive. So what do you guys think about it leave ijlt below. Personally I will still choose ads since some hits on ads might not be counted on the tally of the website I why I chose ads is because I will be minning monero for myself with BRO coin.
  4. Exchange Your forum sats to Stake sats (5% fee)

    Oh sorry I forgot forgive me pls
  5. Hi I am giving 10k sats in stake with fees 1000 sats so payback will be 11k. Maximum days 1 week. Currently I can lend only 10k since my cryptonator wallet authenucator was lost. Requests can be rejected if I find something bad
  6. Exchange Your forum sats to Stake sats (5% fee)

    The whole ampunt I sent 10710 sats so take fees and send fees 5 percent is 500 something
  7. How to Mine Litecoin?

    My friend don't mine litecoin. Mine coins which have a profit and is gonna rise and is easy to mine and not hard at all. Currenctly I mine 3 coins XMR BRO DASHCOIN FANTOMCOIN (RARELY) Also XMR is best to mine if ur gonna mine in browser since XMR is only mineable no other coins is so you can use minergate if you want. I use that to mine along with BRO coin mining since it takes 500 MB of my PC only and its easy to get and gonna rise to 1 dollar again.
  8. Exchange Your forum sats to Stake sats (5% fee)

    I sent u na
  9. Exchange Your forum sats to Stake sats (5% fee)

    Hi I wanna trade but how to send from mobile to ypur account Username Melwin
  10. Question are your the owner or a developer from ExMO team ? Anyway I like the project but gonna wait till investing into it
  11. Happy Valentines Day"ish"

    Hey I am also into fitness joined a gym 6 months back Keeping on grinding and trying to get the shape
  12. So ripple one of the 3rd ranked crypto currency in the market cap has currently just signed a huge huge contract with Western Union UAE Exchange and Saudi Central Bank. Now only Western Union is trying the system out according to my knowledge. But the contract has been signed by all of them. UAE Exchange has already started it according to my knowledge. But they all are in testing phase at the moment so we have to wait. Western Union has told that it has not unlocked anything big for them yet but it will boost the blockchain technology and may boost the price of ripple currency. Ripple has two primary products: xCurrent, which over 100 financial institutions are currently using, and xRapid, which is based on XRP. This is the one that Western Union is now testing. XRP is up 10% in the past 24 hours but has yet to take off on the news and is currently trading around the $1.15 mark.
  13. We got another one

    One funny thing is that Modi wanted to launch JioCoin with Ambani's son but he modi banned cryp to currency in India Thats just so stupid I think Why would someone do that lol
  14. We got another one

    Well if you guys thought that bitcoin was banned only in china and some other countries well here is another one where no one ever thought that this country would ban it in their entire life. Its Bangladesh. Recently tow teens were caught trading bitcoin online. The law also warned people to not trade bitcoin or even use it. Their police officer says that they have tracked down a few users who uses bitcoin and gonna arrest them. So what do you guys think ? Should the citizens be allowed to use bitcoin or not ? Comment below
  15. Hi I cant see my balance on my mobile anyway to see it ?,?