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  1. Unknown1

    When to sell a crypto?

    When its price increase otherwise leave it like that and let it rise to the moon
  2. Good luck and have fun and hit very very big. And if you don't mine try this 2k sats chartbet don't withdraw until 3x payout Just try if ur more lucky than me just wanted to know
  3. Unknown1


    I also wanted to know Was confused how to mine i think we can mine through wallet ?
  4. Unknown1

    Quit Gambling

    ok 10k satoshis to stop gambling ? LOL
  5. Unknown1

    Is chat app telegram for ICOs secure?

    its not quite safe but what to do ICO'S says to use telegram
  6. Unknown1

    Alt Coin Mining

    You are welcome btw bro doesnt need much resources only A chrome browser GL
  7. Unknown1

    How much do you earn in Trading cryptos?

    Umm , i used to do trading back before now investing in new project's ICO's etc and also invested in a real estate im not old enough but i gave the money to my brother so what he gets i get . Anyway trading can also be risky i almost lost around 3k due to dropping of prices and rising of prices. Anyway Good Luck , in my eyes investment best
  8. Unknown1

    Alt Coin Mining

    You can mine BRO coins on the side also so here's the link : bitrad.io Also XMR is a good coin to mine but BTC don't mine unless you have a good system
  9. Unknown1

    Google to ban any crypto related ads

    Actually it won't show any altcoins ads but only bitcoin related ads which are trustful also when you search something only trustworthy things related to bitcoin will appear News reads : BAD FOR SHILLS, GOOD FOR BITCOIN Last year’s rapid rise in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices was partially fueled by last year’s explosion in ICOs. Unfortunately, this nascent industry has also been rife with scams and fraud. Ads promising too-good-to-be-true returns — such as the now-infamous Bitconnect with its memorable advertising blitz — have already led to many investors losing their money. This has resulted in repeated warnings from watchdogs such as the SEC, which considers most ICOs to be security offerings and thus subject to registering with the regulator. Fortunately, the news does not have a direct impact on Bitcoin, the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency. It is one of the few cryptocurrencies that has no marketing department, no centralized team and CEO, and is not registered as a company looking to raise funds. There is only cryptocurrency that has never depended on marketing: Bitcoin. All the rest would be nowhere without the marketing departments behind them. It was purposely designed to be a decentralized, open-source protocol maintained by a disparate group of volunteer developers from all over the world. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Bitcoin community largely reacted positively to the news. “This is the best news ever. Only organic results when searching for Bitcoin!!” the top rated comment reads on Reddit. News here : http://bitcoinist.com/google-ban-cryptocurrency-ads-bitcoin-not-affected/
  10. Unknown1

    A heater that will crypto currency

    ur going all out in posting lol See recent discussion lol be careful spamming can get u banned
  11. 20k will be good for wining everyday. or more than 20k but its hard to win even 1k nonethless 20k
  12. Unknown1

    Hello i'm show

    Hey man welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy your stay here and if you gamble then Good luck Win big and post it here that you won So we all can fell jealous Jk
  13. umm around 10k Wish i had invested in it before But i didnt know about this crypto world
  14. Unknown1

    A heater that will crypto currency

    Wow that's so innovative. Mining while the heat will be used for comfort. But how much will the temperature rise to ? Also main thing wont we have to like clean the dust and stuff inside like every week or month ?
  15. Welcome also one thing you can do if u have a lot of important stuff on one phone, use another phone and download the app and see if it affects anything if it doesn't just download it on your main phone. ( Only if reviews cannot be found or some site says its scam some says its real )