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  1. When will this so called feature be out?
  2. Proof? You say you have it but you don't show it. Fuck your article just show it if it's real.
  3. Why go for low fees when eos gives you no fees?
  4. This would make sense too. If they announced that anyone that signs up from this date on would have these changes. It just seems scummy to do it the way they did.
  5. Okay a car for example. There are competitors and when the price of a car gets raised or extras get taken out of the car that would usually be there and there is zero communication from the car company about it you would be an unhappy customer and may bring your business somewhere else. I actually don't have a big problem with raising requirements. I have an issue with not being upfront about it or giving people an opportunity to complete the levels prior to raising them. It seems like they did it overnight and stealthily to hope people wouldn't notice and it wouldn't adversely hit their depos
  6. Comparing it to the housing market is insane. The housing market isn't an individual business that has customers to care about. Making these changes without announcement brings up trust issues with your customer which the housing market does not have.
  7. The worse part about it is zero announcement. They could have said you have 2 weeks to hit Plat 2 to enable your VIP host before we move it to Plat 3 and instead they just did it without any sort of acknowledgment at all. I'm also Plat 1 and moving the wager requirement to 1,000,000 vs 500,000 makes me just want to quit.
  8. I'm trying to make it so that I can use the advanced settings and make a program that will stop after I lose a bet of 5 dollars or more in order to make a huge losing streak not gut me. However, it doesn't seem to work and I can't figure out why, Any help would be appreciated. The image I attached is how I have it set up in condition block 1. It rolled and lost a 7 dollar bet then a 49 dollar bet.
  9. You want to give yourself at least a 20 roll cushion with this or it will fail. Could still fail at 20 too but i15 is too low.
  10. I find there's no rhyme or reason to it stopping. Sometimes it will go 6 hours. Others it will stop in 10 minutes.
  11. I like doing a 2.2 multiplier with a 86 percent increase on loss and rolling low enough that I have 22 rolls to lose before I'm out. Seems to give decent returns and the odds of getting out at that roll are fairly low.
  12. Play dice and hope for the best. Look up some stats others have used for this exact purpose.
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