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  1. I am the Original King of Bust Ha Ha Ha User Id Pluto85
  2. When I am in angry or irritated Mood I deposit in stake, Busting her is easy and there is various way to bust ha ha.
  3. Its hard how will I remember what I rolled earlier, how u guys doing it?
  4. I think our life is the Real Casino and I never Loved it..
  5. What do u think, How many rolls needed to hit it.
  6. I play sometimes when there a 0% winning chance 😜
  7. Ha Ha Really it happens with me too.
  8. 707,308,728 placed by Pluto85 Wagered: 0.00012000 Payout: 36.00x Profit: 0.00420000
  9. I agree strictly on this "Never borrow money to trade crypto!"
  10. Super Cool Guy My Best Looks Like a Barbie Girl
  11. Twice I made 0.05 from faucet 0.00001200 Eth but greediness and u know the rest............