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  1. Diamond 2 Hey man my friend got 20m wager this week and 25m for the month 170k losses Any idea what will be Monthly: Top monthly : Weekly:
  2. Any rough estimate on the percentage you guys getting based on the amount wagered? at diamond 2 level monthly bonus:base amount +$0.5/1000 wagered weekly bonus: base amount + $1/1000 wagered top monthly bonus: 0.025% of total wager i might be wrong. Please correct me if I am!
  3. @Jooshee got 20m wager this week and 25m this month. I am a diamond 2. Any idea what is the bonus for weekly, monthly and top monthly in percentage to amount wagered?
  4. Yo just tipped you a lil. Sg here
  5. Hey any of you guys have issues with reaching your vip host? My host seems to come online only 2-3 hours a day, other than that it’s just few hours reply ( no reply at all) or sleeping. it’s so hard to claim my bonus. While he was online he said he will check on my bonus but 2 hours later, his status changed to sleeping without a reply. what’s the point of having a host man if stake support team replies so much faster.
  6. Missing nonce/ bets and massive lags on crash.
  7. Has anyone experienced this as well? I came across this article where nonce skipped actually happens due to casino’s end. Here’s an example at dicebitco I urge all players to use betsesh verifier to check if they have missing nonce. https://betsesh.com/stake go to your bet archive download the session where you’ve had a bad day and check if games are skipped.
  8. It’s their useless replies. Constantly blaming on everything else accept themselves.
  9. @MattyG hey man did they explain to you why you aren’t able to access the funds which you belongs to you and you being banned. From what I can see being banned and with holding money that belongs to you are separate issues
  10. I saw many reviews on trust pilot people complaining they got banned and blocked. Go check it out! It’s a usual reply from stake claiming they have no issues on their end and the fault is on the player. When support can’t help you or answer you they will refer you to tech support and ask you to email them. Tech support will bombard you with technical terms and saying there’s nothing they can do. I’ve lost my faith on stake.
  11. I agree with this totally. Maybe it’s another thing we can look into where we can compare different seeds and study if the chances of hitting the multiples are lower than advertised for few thousand roles instead of few million rolls.
  12. Setting auto cash out defeats the purpose and why people play crash in the first place. Setting auto cash out should not be a solution to all these issues.
  13. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Yg9cJ7hpyF3NUIDyxBcoAURfV8hOLXQV74YPchIC34M/edit here I have compiled a list of bets which I have brought up to stake support. I’ve seen too much excuses given by stake. “Oh you faced this issue due to vpn vps or maybe You are using proxy connections.” Why would these games still be available without any warnings given to players and when shit happens they blame it on us. I have included this link of my bets and bet amount. Do note that I always target Low multipliers with larger bet amounts and just so happen when i increase my bet size all these issues start to happen. Coincidence? Missing bets from the bet archive have not been addressed by stake. There were missing nonce from my bet archive when playing on limbo and those missing nonce were wins. It’s as if they skipped those nonce so that you will reaching losing rounds quicker. I’m more than happy to deposit onto stake to continue playing but now it just seems that we are fighting the house edge as well as hoping errors don’t occur. If there’s anyone out there let me know what I can do about this and let me know your views after watching the videos.
  14. I’m not surprised man. Stake always blame it on the players. I don’t understand how a simple betting system can be vpn’s fault
  15. Yes I’ve checked. For those missing nonce I would have won 10 of those bets from 8341 as I was playing Low multiples of 1.08 to 1.1x. nonce missing from 8341 to 8389 and just so happened at 8393 I lost.
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