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  1. https://medium.com/bethash-io/bethash-how-provably-fair-isnt-as-fair-as-it-looks-1fd942baded5 I just met a hacker friend which told me that it can be rigged no matter how provably fair it is. Just by verifying your bets on stake won’t help, verification of bets needs to be done outside stake which can’t be done.
  2. Also if you guys realised that to verify bet you can only verify it on stake itself there’s no way to verify on a 3rd party system.
  3. @Tarrterr yes happened to me more than I can count completely agree with the 3rd paragraph. My total wager is now 26/27m and yup when you max bet there will be a slight lag and bust you. Happened on crash and limbo for me.
  4. https://medium.com/bethash-io/bethash-how-provably-fair-isnt-as-fair-as-it-looks-1fd942baded5 I’m not an expert but seems like probably fair system might be a little fishy
  5. https://medium.com/bethash-io/bethash-how-provably-fair-isnt-as-fair-as-it-looks-1fd942baded5 found this link. Explaining that provably fair system has loopholes
  6. I’ve been playing on roobet and never encountered this situation. I expected when there was no cashout button or the game hanged on me and again without the choice to cashout stake would take responsibility for the game. Unfortunately instead of giving an explanation or resolving the games which had an error nothing was done except to blame the player or suggest other games.
  7. So previously I started a thread saying how crash didn’t let me cash out on a 6k bet was told to set auto cash out. I mean what’s the point of that. I’ve set 2x cashout much lower that what I’ve normally put now as you can see at least 7 rounds this week on crash caused me so much problems there’s no way to cash out the round didn’t even show on my screen! ive seen streamers on Roobet placing 25x on crash but cash out way below their take profit. That’s the point of crash isn’t it? So I don’t understand why stake would propose placing auto cash out or constantly blaming on the players when
  8. so I’ve updated on some issues I’ve faced in various stake original games in my latest comment on this link as well. I have no idea what’s going on with stake originals but there’s something weird going on there.
  9. So I was playing crash again and I took Eddie’s advice and placed take profit at 2x. 2 bets back to back I entered bet and the bet didn’t go through it lagged again. Both bets hit 2x. Contacted my vip and Eddie about the issue however they have seen my video proof but no reply. here’s one of the bets screenshot. As you can see already placed bet however when the round was going on it was still loading. It didn’t happen once but twice?! the last time I couldn’t cash out and was told to set auto take profit and was also told that it wasn’t stakes fault. This time round placed bet and set
  10. so I’ve come across this video let me know what you guys think! Video shows: server seed does not match provided hash! so I went to export my bet archive onto json and realised that some bets states false. I’m no expert hence hoping to get some clarity and opinion on this.
  11. Yup same here for me too. It’s been so many times where when I increase my bet I can see the red coming. Limbo hunting 2x can bring 15 red streaks. Wheel at Low risk setting there’s 4 0.00x. The biggest bet I’ve made was on limbo I placed 1.08x after a long streak of reds and next it turned out to be 1.07x.Lol and this happened so many times when I’m left with my last bet before bust and prompts you to deposit. I’m really not sure about it being provably fair as it’s just a claim from stake but I’ve read that even with a provably fair system there are ways that casinos can get around them.
  12. Same here crash and all responsibility pushed to player even with solid proof and have wagered a ton.
  13. Has been 3 days and no update about my situation. With a 40+ second video proof I’m sure it’s not that hard to a conclusion or to be clearer enough
  14. I’ve played at 2.00x but got caught with 18 times in a row below 2.00x. Bad luck or does it seem fishy
  15. 1) total deniability by stake by stake however happened to many users 2) setting a take profit yes it’s safe however that shouldn’t be an excuse as that isn’t how crash works, I’m sure many crash lovers like the thrill to cashout based on feel and ride the wave that being said in my case a cashout wasn’t available to even press. 3)being able to press cashout and lost due to a lag could really be due to a lag however with not cashout button? Really? 4) yes we are gamblers and sometimes we win sometimes we lose and i take it as an experience and it’s all for fun however if somethi
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