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  2. FlurMoon!!! (just meant it as a meme) ----------------------------------------- i genuinely don't know which coin would be good but i hope its a good one to invest if they add it!!!
  3. need to bet minimum 100 usd to even talk so yeah plus the sports section sounds like a good idea!
  4. hit a 75x on $0 bet scarab spins
  5. imagine if it actually worked but cant risk going all in limbo, i tried once with 1.01 and still failed
  6. Generally curious if it is possible since I would like to do so as a challenge. So I hope, if someone comes across this, give some advice and tips on making it!!!
  7. depends if you know the sports well and the teams/players in the sports since its all depending on player skills to win the sports match - have knowledge and you maybe on the way to make profit!
  8. Goku but how about saitama time to start another poll saitama or goku
  9. doesnt matter i suppose since its random every time - it would be bad if it country mattered since everyone would use VPN to connect there every single time so yeah its probably random.
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