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  1. i go for two 10x all ins in a row on dice, trust me it hits a lot and that way i turn my 7 cents reload into 7$ quite often
  2. People use vpn all the time, shouldn't be an issue
  3. sports bet size limit is a pain in the ass especially when ure trying to go all in
  4. can you show a screenshot of what you are referring to?
  5. What games do you play when you feel like the gambling luck has run out or trying to avoid chasing losses? Personally i hit up my friends and go for a quick match or two on valorant, really helps because the matches last pretty long (usually) . Would love to hear what you guys' go-to games are when not gambling
  6. 1300x on rise of merlin, got a shit ton of retriggers and all the top symbols were hitting
  7. play n go slots usually bonus pretty quickly
  8. I want to know
  9. SaladKing

    Why stake

    the amount of money they give back to their players is unmatched, A good community aswell
  10. I used to play a couple of ps2 games all day, one of my most played ps2 games was Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 . Honestly no dragon ball game comes close to this one even now
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