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  1. Hey Tristan, If we have 2FA enabled, logically we are safe. They won't be able to withdraw our money Just a question, wouldn't there be a possibility to force people who use scripts or bots to activate 2FA for their security?
  2. The only time I went to a land-based casino was on my 18th birthday with some friends, but to get in you had to be 18 + 1 day old so I couldn't play hahaha
  3. You weren't there on the Stake chat when I got insulted for offering to share my strategy. I was insulted, I swore I wouldn't share anything. That's logic, why should I be good to people who are not good to me? I took it badly and with good reason. You are wrong. You can do a lot of things with Dice, not just wagering, but okay, believe what you want to believe. Have fun!
  4. No, I swore I would never share my strategy, sorry. I wanted to, but there are too many bad people, they don't deserve it. Maybe if one day the whole community becomes respectful, I'll share, but its not for now I think...
  5. I created a strategy. Some people insulted me on the Stake chat when I said I wanted to share it, so I won't say anything, sorry! Yeah I saw, but too late. The same day they removed the API key, I left I add a small screenshot to show the potential of my strategy, for people who might think I am lying (its USDT):
  6. Yeah unfortunately, I had to change gambling site this weekend because of this. It's a real shame because I really like Stake/PrimeDice. 2 days without API key its 2 days without profit... I can't imagine my loss of profit if this goes on any longer. I stay anyway for the slot and to talk with the community, but no more Stake Originals :/
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