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  1. HILO: 46,652,709,839 placed by Collette on 10/06/2021 Wagered 3.20000000 Multiplier 14.631531x Profit 43.62089859
  2. They allowed it and based on my personal experienced since I have used vpn to play those slots before that arent working without vpn. No worries.
  3. So far I didnt came to that scenario where in too much addiction leads you to loan just to play. Im still on my self control not to use such loan and then play it in such gambling sites. Definitely not a good idea.
  4. I don't think there is a particular good time to play slots. Because I tend to play it in random time and looks like it is always depends on your luck and seed.
  5. Usdt or ADA. You might consider those two for us players have many choices to play with.
  6. Still mines and dice , i have my daily goal profit and it is easy to achieve with those two games I usually play. Not luck on limbo and keno now.
  7. I voted for loss, always like that when there is a monthly bonus and then i try to roll it and wanted to double it, it goes busted. Well, i dunno but its so heavy to play when monthly bonus comes.
  8. Mines is my new favorite now. Before I did a good profits with Slide but never win again on it so I switch to Mines and so far its good.
  9. I actually play diamonds recently with an auto bet strat. And i cant believe those reds and rage bets like rage bets followed by one green and then long streak of reds again. Unusual than other games. I also do not know how to play that video poker either.
  10. Kind of agree, if they set up minimum withdraw to all crypto coins available in the site like $10 to $15 equal to all based on usd so we can easily withdraw if we reach that amount.
  11. When i lose in dice, i recover it with other games like keno or mines. Sometimes I feel like either my account got cursed or im just having a bad seed so I am generating a new seed after busting. Well, this gambling. We tend to lose and win.
  12. _collette

    Why stake

    I have joined other gambling sites but Stake offers so much bonuses, perks of being a VIP is great here. Aside from having so many games to choose, all the support are very much accomodating. When talking about comfort playing, I can say that Stake is the best so far.
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