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  1. I am thinking about starting to work arbitrage, but after reading about it for a bit it feels like a pain to have so many bookmaker accounts and keep track of everything. Anyone here as experience in matched bets? Ant tips for me?
  2. Just finished West of Loathing. Going through Deltarune now.
  3. Pour the milk inside the cereal box!
  4. Never underestimate human stupidity my friend.
  5. From what I know (which is not much) the main difference is that drugs cause chemical addiction while gambling is a purely emotional/psychological addiction.
  6. I have been watching Space Dandy and redline to get in that Space Greasepunk vibe.
  7. Hard to say, but I do like a good double cheeseburger.
  8. Nope, not that I care really, I am a no smoking no drinking guy, but to each one their own.
  9. What even is going on here?
  10. Other Friends - from Steven Universe
  11. what you use to kill vampires.
  12. A mashup of rock classics called Rock of Ages
  13. The one you have right now
  14. Classic mini cooper, just like Mr. Bean had.
  15. "And everywhere there was song and celebration"
  16. OLá pessoal, só agora eu fui descobrir que tem a área em portugues aqui no forum.
  17. well, at least sex is exercise.
  18. I wasn't ready even for Juicy Fruit 1
  19. "Diamonds look just like broken glass to me"
  20. Anyone remembers the OG Neverending story? That scene masked my childhood, you know which one.
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