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  1. Hey Nenad. 1- My name is : DavidBB 2- Iโ€™m connected 17h/18h of time per day! 3- A moderator must take care about the chat with patience, respect, objectivity in every circumstances. His role is to make sure that the differents conversations and words used are not going against the rules of the chat. 4- I would like to become moderator because : > I want to be more involved in the site. > Since my registration, i have always been polite. > We are a minority to have this sense of helping others in chat. > My help could be useful because i know almost everything. Passionate and player since my majority. > In chat FR, itโ€™s essential to have a moderator at night. 5- Yes, once when i signed up, because i was new and didnโ€™t know everything. And the other time, for a bad ID during the challenges. 6- Yes of course. I was a moderator on a MMO game. I learned a lot because it was a game where you had to get rich to get better equipment. So i had a lot of work. Thank you for taking 5 minutes to read me. Sorry for my english, you understand why i only apply for the french chat. ๐Ÿ˜… And i will be delighted to have a positive answer to join you!
  2. Scarab Gates of olympus fire in the hole
  3. All in keno 10n risk high
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