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  1. Errrrrr, do you even lift bruh? https://youtu.be/63HQ7X4ezj0 https://youtu.be/Ws4NjCTzLK0 https://youtu.be/rAVhmUxh31c Just some old clips i kept when teaching myself about compression and bitrate, what does what etc etc..ahaha games are life right?
  2. That was just my example as trx as the coin. Its doable with any coin you like..the way it is designed is so that you, sure dont have a big first bet as wager but that 2-3 loss you make it a valid wager then come back to you're original base bet. Its to farm that one/two/(three at times) loss and win to make it worth while and get some profits at the same time if it doesnt get hungry for those loss streaks and it also minimises the risk of having to bet bigger instantly. I used trx and that base bet size to be friendly for those who are like me and are unable to risk their coins for just wa
  3. I've strayed from my only game of choice to crash for a few rounds and can confirm it does get annoying when you've clicked cashout and the game continues for a few seconds and doesnt pay the cashout and shows as that you missed it. Its think one needs to screen capture if need for those whom are making big bet amounts in the game, just record the screen and make sure you have autobet active and cashout set to say 1000 so u can get a couple of decent runs when u think you are able, then when you click cashout the button will change from 'Cashout' and show the words 'Stop Autobetting' to conf
  4. You can also do this if you know how to calculate the % on-loss and work out a 2-3 loss before bust system yourself. Though i will give an example for Dice also: Base Bet : 0.00100000 TRX Balance : 28.00000000 TRX Reset On Win : Yes On-loss % : 9900% Payout Multi : 1.0102 This is for the ones who would prefer the balance in crypto coin view over $ view, even with only 28coins available you are able to hit 2 straight losses which is very much able to occur and gives you (with the house e
  5. Can the moderators be given RED writing as names or have their names shadowed by a red highlight behind their names please? To assist with appointing their authority and being noticed more in chat without them having to tag someone - would be nice to notice them more and not lost as much in the chat. Especially when it spams or people just go stupid. Thanks
  6. Any ideas on what you'd collab with Nikola yet? Im so curious still haha...
  7. Hi guys, Not blaming the site or anything in particular. Upon several attempts to login i was only once presented with a captcha. They look different from the usual, once passed the captcha the account login just sits stagnant doing nothing. Maybe it something on the captcha end, im not sure. Eventually after 5 attempts it asked for my 2fa and allowed me access. Never en-counted this before and just thought i'd bring it to your attention if anyone else has the same issue occur..Connection wasn't an issue my end if that's your first thought. I provided a screenshot of how it just sat s
  8. Sorry @DamjanS I was listening to tunes and pantera came on and instantly i was like, hmmmmmmm...i wonder if i cant call them out with something >.< but i mean, you dont have to record a lyrical track....im down with something where both of you can show of a bit and actually enjoy the jam rather than worrying how good it'll be...it'll be good anyway, i've got 100% skills in using a triangle and mandalin...so shred and destroy my ears plzkthnx
  9. @DamjanS @NikolaG Here's my suggestion This could be your anthem when moderating the chat together. Savage's.
  10. Holy shit...this is gold, dont forget ur QR depo codes for the bottom of your sign as u walk the main street...ahahaha funny asfek
  11. The first 4 are the type of work i'm involved in and what we fish for. The rest are degenerate selfies of the #1 degen.
  12. For example, have a group of your Stake buddies 5-8only...then have a weekly competition and vs other 'junkettes' (like a highest profiting group over 1hr on baccarat/blackjack/dice win 50% of the combined amount of all the groups entering the race so the losers still keep something unless they'd bust) and a player made pot up for the grabs so its easily manageable and if Stake feels generous enough they could match the player made pot at the time of completion...upon completion the final pot total that each group finishes with (within the groups) is split amongst its members until the next ju
  13. 1% is low compared to the house edge in other games and places you could gamble and stake has from my understanding the lowest house edge cmpared to most places across the board but %1 is fucking HUGE when it comes to a game designed to beat you and dont let that confuse you...I might be just a random on the internet but heed the words...1% is still massively favoring the house.
  14. Simples! Even with $10 you can wager a tonne. Dice on autobet Reset on win On loss increase wager 9900% Multiplier on win set at 1.0102 For example, if you view your balance in crypto your wager should be like this. 0.10000000 base bet (starting) and when it his a loss, you'll then bet 1.1 (from memory) coins and then win (most of the time) if it loses twice in row which ISNT often...then you'd be bumped to 11.1 coins or thereabouts and then should hit green and reset back to 0.1 base bet again. Is good when used on a decent coin of value...but the above base bet would be id
  15. or make the chat only eligible for bronze VIP and upwards...to reduce the clutter, make the wagering appealing to do so (profits for the site) and for people to get their badge and become eligible to chat, get rain and so forth... It'd make it more rewarding and more genuine when you see someone congratulate another for reaching a vip tier level. The real discrimination is when the high vip tier players assume that someone of lower vip or no badge lack money or more and tell them to shutup or gtfo; even straight up shut them down. Whenever i've known someone to have VIP or similar fo
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