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  1. hux

    Chartbet unli multiplier?

    huh thats the first one iv ever seen, i wonder if the outcome would have been the same if he didnt cashout
  2. hux

    Chartbet unli multiplier?

    they defo have capped it, because otherwise someone might do 1 sat bet hit 800 million x and then they have 8 btc. you never really see it go above 10kx ever
  3. agreed but Constantine is in Dcs legends of tommorow if you want to see him more, same actor and hes called Constantine and stuff
  4. hux

    3 types of chartbettor

    haha yeah i did a 37k bet and hit a 41x it was so scary xd
  5. hux

    3 types of chartbettor

    or like me: high bet high multiplier
  6. nice to see myself as 1st place
  7. is kim jong uns girlfriend
  8. hux

    BCN (Bytecoin)

    depends when you bought in
  9. i put more into my fav tokens