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  1. roulette lucky number

    what number have you hit most? whats your lucky number? mines personally 7 I even have a dog called 7 which I really love shes a black labrador and is about 9 years old anyway back to the topic, I have hit 7 on roulette about 4 times now and it is just my overall lucky number and favourite number for everything im intrested to know yours i might even try some of them out ty for time
  2. highest win in 2018 ?

    0 cus i ripped
  3. most losses in a row?

    Hey! this thread is basically just to post your losses in a row or just big losses mines personally was about 7 losses in a row which really sucked because I had like 10 to 20k bets on it so it caused me to fully rip, reply with your losses and how much u bet replys/comments are appreciated
  4. Gun control In US

    with the Vegas shooting and the most recent shooting Parkland Florida school shooting (this definitely is why im making it) people literally think Congress should really tighten and increase stronger gun control laws. but on the sort of other side people particularly are saying on the sort of other side of the argument people mostly believe that guns could essentially prevent massacres like this but I personally (please no hate) for the most part believe gun laws should really be really tightened as that would actually prevent massacres, or so they kind of thought. there actually has been a particularly public request for stricter gun control laws but not kind of much as been done in my point of view, contrary to popular belief. in UK the Dunblane primary school shooting kind of happened which mostly was a massive tragedy and very quickly the gun laws kind of were tightened to try and essentially prevent another massacre in a definitely big way this has changed the uk for the better. comments below are appreciated ty for time
  5. Medical fasting/starvation diet

    my biggest problem with fasting is i put the weight back on within a few weeks, any way/advice to stop this?
  6. Busts

    whats you guys biggest busts? mine is personally around 500k and I felt really shit but there are people that have bust a lot more than that and I'm interested to hear about them, also feel free to mention how you coped with it because when I lost 500k I was really sad so I just watched some walking dead and it helped a bit but it still sucked so some tips to get over it would be very appreciated. hope everyone recovers from there bust/loss though thanks
  7. Hey! this is my strategy for hitting 1000x on plinko preroll 369 rolls then put however much you want on 1000x and wait if it does not hit within about 100-200 rolls you may want to do more prerolls as to cut as much loss as you can, once you hit if you are trying to hit again i would recommend doing about 700 prerolls as to increase chances of hitting again, but then again this is all coming from a noob this is just my strategy and im sharing it to try and help the community make some more money i hope this helped you guys and maybe got you a 1000x again it is all luck so you may still bust but doing this many prerolls will help increase your chance i wish you all the best of luck stakers hope you all hit!!!
  8. ripironi xais the cap for noob account is 13 posts right? that means it will take u like 4 days to get 50 posts hope you get it soon just make loads of posts and reply to like posts in games and stuff. you will get it in no-time if ur having fun while doing it
  9. patterns

    what patterns do you guys use / what strat, sometimes i will go in 1/4 of my money and just press random tile about 15 times and then i get like 7x my money but i don't think that is the smartest idea i also sometimes go like a diamond pattern on 13 bombs which can land you like 10000x and finally i also do checkerboard pattern on 3 bombs which if you hit makes you lots of profit. im intrested to hear u guys patterns and il try them out a little bit once i get some money
  10. chartbet is bae

    ok so whenever i get a tip say 10k i will always go in 2.5k on like 10x or 23x and if i hit i am set and im really high and alot of the time i do hit and it makes me alot of sats
  11. what do you guys think dogecoin will be by end of year? i think around $0.02
  12. i think vaping is still bad for you but i dont think its as bad as smoking if im correct?
  13. Referral names

    i only invited one person and i only earned 1 sat off them
  14. anyone going on vacation?

    where are you guys going on holiday this year?
  15. food

    whats your favourite food/fast food? my favourite fast food is kfc and my favourite food is sirloin steak with some french fries (im in uk so chips) and some sauce on it