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  1. it will keep going down to about $3500 imho thats when next big support is
  2. hux

    Who came first?

    imho egg comes first, what happens is 2 animals cross breed resulting in the egg being layed.
  3. if btc recovers with FT payouts i might visit greece or spain or something
  4. i think the prize should be 67 btc
  5. Mines:425,646,434 placed by hux Wagered: 0.00001177 Payout: 138.66x Profit: 0.00162030 Chartbet:431,493,831 placed by hux Wagered: 0.00006823 Payout: 149.79x Profit: 0.01015194
  6. any coin with a guarenteed return is a scam, if they are offering 1% per day it seems like bitconeccctttttt
  7. i have noticed this has changed alot recently, men take alot of care of there clothes like you see them spending $1000s on jackets (gucci, supreme so on) and $1000s on shoes
  8. you sell once you are in enough profit to make you happy
  9. agreed but Constantine is in Dcs legends of tommorow if you want to see him more, same actor and hes called Constantine and stuff