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    Ltc / btc

    I think most people take it out in BTC because they have seen where the price will go. Same with Eth.
  2. Pray usually. I dont think I have ever turned 10 cents into $100. I've turned $1 into $100 but that was also pure luck as well.
  3. The way I play limbo is I put it at 5x and have a count system. 4 reds then i double the bet. If it hits within 1-4, then i keep going until 4 reds.
  4. hextana

    Super multi

    Now those are some insane multis!
  5. hextana


    Stay away from limbo for wagering. Look up the dice strat instead.
  6. I believe I was bronze for the last monthly and it was about $45 or something. I'm hoping it will be around $100 this month being gold.
  7. My biggest multi, not win, was 1116x on 3 clown monty. Bet size was $0.1 and i ended up winning about $110.
  8. This seems to be what I have been seeing in my limbo games as well sadly.
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