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  1. Edit uploaded pic casino:58718285767 Says private won't let me highlight/post picture
  2. They werent even read off so how the fuck are we suppose to know @Faris
  3. Banned again? Sheesh stream on YouTube they wont pull this shit
  4. KarmaCrew Im a peacock coach...you gotta let me fly! Color = Smaragdine
  5. SLOTS: 54,461,281,131 placed by KarmaCrew on 30/08/2021 Wagered 0.02141280 Multiplier 249.75x Profit 5.32643400 SLOTS: 54,462,499,873 placed by KarmaCrew on 30/08/2021 Wagered 0.08565120 Multiplier 107.25x Profit 9.10044000
  6. KarmaCrew Goodluck have fun. Shutup and pick me ❤️
  7. Then why doesnt it ever happen the other way around? Like it landing in a 0.2x spot but really it pays you 26x / 130x or 1000x ?? Hmm?
  8. More proof of the game being broken. Even shows 26x on the side then the bet archive is obviously incorrect and does not match. This is a fucking joke, yall need to take some accountability and stop telling people that its a visual glitch and its "only happening to them " Its a shame, to think i use to defend Stake to the fullest any time there were any accusations of it being rigged or a scam/unfair. After the way that support decided to handle this, when its obvious it is a serious malfunction and finesses good customers out of their hard earned money. Like the house edge isnt enough for y'all? You win in the end regardless, so why not respect your customers and take a little bit of accountability and admit that it is manipulative and obviously a fairly common "glitch"
  9. They take no accountability for it whatsoever. Its absolute bullshit. Exactly this. And they continue to give the same bullshit responses blaming the player and not even offering a fucking single cent to be fair to active/paying customers. Makes me reconsider playing here and feel like a schmuck for all the times I've defended stake when it was being slandered....
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