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  1. Heya there. 👋 Join the thread here: You should follow the Stream and write your Stake Username and color. Also, make sure to have at least 10 posts before posting it there. Best regards!
  2. MilicaR

    Two factor

    Heya. 👋 In case you lost access to your 2FA code, please reach out to our Live Support by using the email linked to your account through support@stake.com and they would gladly help you solve it and will initiate a 2FA recovery procedure. Thanks for your understanding. Best of luck! 🍀
  3. Happy birthday @ubbey04, all the best! Hope your wishes will come true. ❤️ 🎂
  4. Welcome aboard, hope you'll have fun here. All the best!
  5. Hi Rafaeld, Next time go to the Appeals section and you will get an answer from the moderator who muted you as soon as possible. Thanks in advance. See you...Have a nice day. Regards!
  6. Welcome. Enjoy our company. 😍🌹🏵
  7. Also, like I mentioned we do not support using any kind of bots. To make it clear, they can cause harm not only to your device but also to your account. For these reasons, we have implemented advanced auto betting which is much more useful then using the bots. You can check your bets in the bet archive, and the mistakes occurred there do not happen frequently, but when they happen in most cases the bets you can not see at that moment you will be able shortly. If not, contact our live support to assist you together with our tech team.
  8. Hi ItcDaddy, You can find your old bets by following this link: As for the bet archive, you can see it here: We do not do bot support. Hope this helps. Best regards!
  9. Yes, we do not normally talk about it. Like you explained, third party bots are not supported so no discussion on it. You will not be banned for it. Just keep in mind not to post is again. Thanks for your understanding. Cheers!
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