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  1. No sir. I believe I have gambling issues and it affects my mental health. It also affect the people I cared about. If I lose anymore this I might actually just end myself.
  2. It's actually easier said than done. but, I will try. I messed up my life in just a couple of hours. Like seriously, $20k down the drain in just few minutes. Fuck my life. I wish I didn't deposit all on that day and gamble like I'm not myself. I messed up. Have to move on is what people said and I realize it is the right thing to do. But I just can't. Again just let me vent all my trouble here, I am not asking you guys to send me fund or anything. I just need a place to explain how worthless I am. How am I supposed to tell my family that the fund I have saved for my future and my mom's medical bills gone. In less than a day. Over a year. On gambling? They'll kill me.
  3. Hope things get better for all of us. You might think this is a joke. Can't blame you for thinking that way though. While some might think this is a joke. It's actually not. I admit I did a terrible mistake and it cost me everything. Savings, funds for my sick mom (I hate to sound so depressing and trying to include family issues in this, but some think this is a joke. Which is not). Again I know it's my mistake and I did not beg for your money doing this.
  4. I'm sorry to hear that. And thanks for letting me know. I am currently actively seeking for help and trying to start a new. Hopefully everything is good on your behalf now?
  5. 1 year and lost everything
  6. won't be considering myself as gambling addict if I can do that. lol shucks
  7. lol this is becoming more like a joke discussion. Actually made my day. Thanks guys And yeah losing does feel sucks. But I guess I need to accept it and move on.
  8. Yeah. I might be dealing with multiple mental illness rn
  9. Thanks guys, good to know there are still positive in the forum. I am diagnosed with depression that is why I having hard time controlling my bets. I might seek professional help soon.
  10. i am depressed and worried about my life now. Any advice to move on?
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