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  1. KenjaRay10 Magic Colour is steve..what?!?!?
  2. fruit party but not been a party lately
  3. cant stand the fees for BTC, i see people complaining about transaction times too, xrp and ltc is the move
  4. wager to profit and not to rank, its more important
  5. any slots that doesnt have the 3 lives on it, its too risky
  6. happy cake day to big eddstar
  7. prolly book of shadows 400x or smthing on .20 but lost afterwards
  8. limbo streaks were worse than dice streaks at time
  9. check out challenges and stuff when they go live, usually there's a lot of vip stuff
  10. instant bets is quite fast option
  11. LTC cause of low gas fees for sure
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