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  1. It's completely arbitrary, and I think they also take separate sports wager from casino wager.
  2. Imagine waiting for monthly and constantly asking for it... Just to waste the money on a 5 minutes casino session... At least double it on sports.
  3. 30.9k with -41 loss. I honestly have no idea. Whenever I wagered around 40/50k with 1k+ profits I had 150/160 monthly. I'd say that usually I get 3$ for every K wagered on sports... So that should be 90/100 bucks.
  4. I consider that Stake has a shitty provider too. They randomly close the markets live and you can neither bet, neither cashout. It happened that a bet got void because "adjusted" which means that the provider provided a wrong score. Some matches open the market minutes after they start... And generally those are the main problems I encounter.
  5. Nope, I prefer to actually take money from my deposit account and put back from salary than spending the money I have aside for bills and rent. It didn't happen often fortunately.
  6. A lot of things are took in consideration. I get only 5$ of daily and I wagered @30/35k in the last 30 days before.
  7. They aren't incorrectly calculated. Monthly is based on the previous 30 days wager and a lot of things are took in consideration. It's free money without strings attached. Other platforms asks you to wager the "bonus" before withdrawing it. Just a way to lose it.
  8. Oh well... I once got 3 consecutive losses on dice 98%. The first ones. Which makes me think that I should win 294 times out of 300. But if I get a 4th lose, it means that I should win 392 times out of 400. But guess, the 5th roll is again a lose which should give me 490 wins afterwards. And so on... Probably fair isn't just about cheating. It's just proving that you get rekt with a logic behind. Stick on sports, it's the most honest way to lose money.
  9. Lose on every 50 rolls? I once got my first 3 rolls as lost and stopped.
  10. Stake originals themselves are scam. Limbo even worse.
  11. The first months as bronze VIP I've got +/- 15 bucks. Then 100 as gold and another time 50. Now waiting for this monthly as Plat I to see.
  12. I don't think they employ their users! 😀
  13. I propose what I propose.
  14. Tried some. As teenager I used to smoke weed almost everyday, but kinda lost interest. I enjoy a lot mushrooms and LSD from time to time.
  15. Buy/build a house for sure. You have more freedom, your neighbors aren't the next wall and you can't hear them while fucking. You can also plant some tomatoes, cucumbers or whatever and grow a few animals if you wish.
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