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  1. I feel disappointed and sad if i lose, but i don't gamble to make more money, i gamble mostly because of entertainment. Of course it would be nice if i hit something big. But i feel like if you do this to make money, there are probably thousands of better things one should do instead.
  2. Congratz to the lucky winners πŸ€—
  3. Nice win! I unfortunately have bad luck with HiLo - so i stay away from it.
  4. Search the forum with the keyword "wager" and there should be some posts about wagering strategies.
  5. Do you think Shiba Inu will be the "doge-killer" as some people say?
  6. Thanks for a very good and understandable explanation.
  7. tell us how it goes if you don't mind
  8. Didn't get a picture but it looks the same
  9. People just need to relax and have some god damn patience. It is probably a reason why it is the way it is.
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